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Just walking through a screen saver.


THIS IS ME. . I Enter Nature To Removed Myself From The Constructs Of What Society Tells Me I Need To Be Doing In Order To Survive Here On Earth. To Make A Living. . Making A Living Doesn’t Truly Interest Me Anymore Like It Used To. . MAKING A LIFE. . That Is Where The Magic Is At. . I Truly Feel We Are All Here For A Divine Purpose. To Love. To Help. To Thrive. TOGETHER. As A Community. As A FAMILY. . Regardless Of Who You Are Or Where You Came From. We Are All One In The Same. . I Am A Part Of You As Much As You Are A Part Of Me. Therefore I Love You Like My Brother. Like My Sister. . Start Making A Life. It Starts By Having An Open & Grateful Heart For Yourself & For Others. . Focus On Your Relationships & Start Chasing Experiences That Will Help You Grow & Become The Person You Truly Feel In Your Heart You Were Designed To Be. . Everything Else Will Take Its Place. I Promise 😊. . I Love You All ❤️ Have A Great Day! #AlwaysShareLove ☀️. . J.Zuniga


YOU WILL ALWAYS ⚡️ BE MY FAVORITE GHOST 🙏🏼 Shower your affection, let it rain on me pull me down the mountain, drag your cities to the sea 🌊 You keep me up at night To my messages, you do not reply You know I still like you the most The best of the best and the worst of the worst Well, you can never know The places that I go I still like you the most & You'll always be my favorite ghost 🧜🏽‍♀️⚡️⛈🎉 @azadventurebabes #florence #florenceandthemachine 🎶⚡️


Lol trappen als een herrieschopper #USA #slowmotion


cliff jumping & ice cream with my best friend


adventures w my creators



it was raining :-)


green, red, blue. who's your starter?



turns out arizona isnt all sand and rocks


I like traveling with @christyhillier


I had so many things I wanted to share with Lane this summer and it feels like I barely scratched the surface. School starts in just 2 1/2 weeks😧 where did the summer go? His childhood is flying by. How did we fit in more living? I guess the trick is we don’t ask for MORE, we learn to stop and enjoy and savor moments. This afternoon we popped down to the creek for a short little outing and the one hour we spent there, we spent well. We stopped and enjoyed and savored it all.