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Back-packed 1,200ft down into a canyon, had an amazing time with friends, drank wine, ate dried food & slept in a comfy hammock... now the hike back up vertical 1,200 a different story ahhaha stair master 5,000.


Marriage with you is the best adventure! ❤️ Another trip down and this one was my first backpacking trip. The views of Oak Creek are beautiful and we had the best group of people to see it all with. 16 miles in 2 days with 20+ pounds on our backs. It was quite the excursion leaving us so sore we can barely move now, but I'm ready for the next one! 🏕🌲


Just walking through a screen saver.


stunning scenery throughout Oak Creek, Arizona 🌲


16 mile trip with some cool people #worklifebalance


You would think it was cold or something! 😂 Headed to a Cardiology appointment today to have this guys heart checked out to make sure nothing is going on, he’s been complaining of chest pain and if he hits his chest it feels better😬, his dad was diagnosed with an unknown heart arrhythmia recently, so the doctors thought it would be best to rule out any issues for Bradlee! We are optimistic it won’t be anything big! We appreciate your prayers and positive vibes!! ❤️


I’m the one y’all heard about 🖤


This trip is delivering some damn dreamy spots. 🎣🐟 #herefishyfishy #ilikeithere


cool textures n colors!! // APOLOGIES TO ANYONE WITH TRYPOPHOBIA


Sunlight never smelt so good.... #sweetlucylou #rescuedog #walkercoonhound #arizona


I almost made it out of the trip injury free. But managed to cut off a tip of my finger. #whatsatripwithoutinjury #mybfffixedme


Monday’s catch and dinner (rainbow trout)....pic one is precooked, second one is after baking in aluminum foil on the grill and the last one was after a final quick broil in the oven to finish it off. Seasoned with lemon, butter and home grown herbs and tomatoes we received from some neighbors. The flavors were insane....worthy of ANY five star. #womenwhocancook #usewhateveryouhave #troutslayers


The beginning of our happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living. Abraham Joshua Heschel #abrahamheschel #wisdom #eyeswideopen #happiness #joy #life #inspiration #oakcreek #sedona #arizona


“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence” - JAMES N. WATKINS #persistence