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1 Airport Dr Oakland, CA - Places nearby

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#imsomajah ✈️


90 days of backpacking in Europe starts now! So stoked for this opportunity and the experiences ahead ✈️ A lot of posts coming your way fam 😊🙌🏼


Standing with his back to the shows 😳


Not even back in Portland yet and I already miss my tan 😭


Airport life🛫Can’t believe I made it🤪Ran the whole way through the airport😤 Back to the City of Angels 😇Where dreams can come true🙏 If you work hard at it😬 #LA #filmlife #artislife #hollywoodunderground #worldwideunionoftroublemakers #dogslife @theseventhletter @we_are_ca_grown


Back in the USA after a super cold plane ride. We are so fortunate for the level of support we got on this tour and hope that we brought the same ruckus as we did 10 years ago. Thank you to everyone who organized our shows, gave u food and a sleeping spot. Special thank you to Martino for setting up this whole tour We love you so much! To Kelso for being a solid driver/road dog and new friend. Xoxox #oaklandathletics


Sitting here thinking how I started off 2018...being at my lowest & fast-forwarding to today and the overwhelming fire of joy I’m feeling made me reflect on this past year and how far I’ve come❤️ Found ways to love life again! I’ve learned to be a little more selfish;) cus you have to sometimes lol Learned how to love myself &take care of myself physically, mentally emotionally&spiritually. Learned how to commit to myself and constantly seek the motivation& drive needed to continuously strive to be the best version of myself...( cus time is money lol )...(fall down 7 get back 8 okurrrr) &Now embarking on this new beginning. l want to thank my loved ones for bringing in a constant flow of love...for showing me the realest and purest form of it. God only knows how much and what I was missing and y’all showed me how to provide that for myself and were there to lift me up when needed;) (Champagne flutes up) 🥂 Here’s to living, loving and nonetheless proceeding and progressing...to new beginnings✨ 2018 ain’t even over yet and it’s already my year❤️ BAY AREA!!! IMA misss youuu!!! DENVER!!! I’m coming! Love y’all - KG


Future Mrs. Bride and I! Had a ball of belles #Bridal Shower #smith2cephas2018 #rutherfordwinery #sainthelena


Jumping on the A's bandwagon.


Even when u down I'ma be around just aslong as u wanna get up and stay up 👌👌🤞🤞🖖🖖🤘


Nose Job.......