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Just some more synchronized stunting at #winterfest with these amazing people! @kollinmarkcockrell @kenziegrabau @lylaanne_ #cheer #acro #stunts #timing #sauce #stunting #fulltofeet #backhandspring #technique


Today, I pray the doctors will be successful in removing a 2 inch clot from my dad’s heart. He is the strongest man i know, my best friend, my hero! Love this man more than words could explain!! ❤️🙏🏻 You got this daddy!!! #mybirthdaywish #daddysgirl


Our second annual @weberstatecheer winterfest was a success! It was so nice getting to meet all the people that came into town to learn and play! Special shout out to this lady for learning new skills and be so excited and fun to be around! @mack.brown7 📽: @selectorxl #cheerleading #cheeracro #happyholidays #nattychamps


Today is my parents wedding anniversary. Instead of spending it together my Dad is with me in the hospital and my Mom is at home with Hens. But I know both of them are grateful I am still here fighting rather than the alternative. As normal as this is for me to be in the hospital I did get a little nervous when Jepperson came in and explained the dangers of the surgery. But as I looked into her eyes I thought to myself I truly trust you with my life. I will always be grateful for incredible doctors like her. Now it’s time to go ablate these tumors.


Can anyone name the Fortnite Dance Move in our freestyle? 🤷‍♀️❣️🤩❤️ #dancingwithgiggles ft. @livi.spice . New Video, New Dance EVERY FRIDAY watch 👀 for it on YouTube Today!!! We will be teaching our first Dance! 😘❤️ #freestylefriday #cardib #fortnitedances


They don’t come better than this brother @davidosmond had a blast on my first day on set #greenflakemovie


Something slight with @corinne_isaac


my best friend🖤 this boy is so much fun!


Super excited to be working on a movie project right now in Ogden, Utah. Can't wait to tell you all about it!⠀ 📽⠀ A week and a half ago I was wearing a T-shirt on the beach and now I'm wearing a beanie in the snow, but, hey, you never know where life is going to take you!⠀ ❄⠀ If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?


Wow okay I love these people. • I realized this week that I have no doubt that if anyone tried to talk negative to any of my coworkers about me, every one of them would stand up for me 100%. I’m so grateful I am surrounded by such supportive and ambitious people ❤️ • Also side note: we did not transfer 😂


Today, I placed a Wreath on the Grave of an American Hero. #gonavy #mydaddymyhero


It’s Christmas Time! #BirchBeer #pennsylvaniadutch


Sooo lucky to have @thefrontogden climbing gym right next to the Top Ten Reviews office! #chalkforlunch #climbing #rockclimbing