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the secret to having it all is knowing that you do ♥️♥️ HAPPY HOLIDAYS🎅🏽 from my family to yours x @itsahansenthang


Surprise! We’re moving to Texas! We just found out a week and a half ago that @plwhite135’s job is moving us to Dallas, Texas in JANUARY, and we had fun creating announcement Christmas cards with @Minted to send out to all our friends and family and share our big news. We’re sharing more pictures of our cards, plus a lot more details about the move, AND how we’re all feeling about it, on today. And in the mean time, we’ll just be selling our California house, buying a Dallas house, finding new schools for the boys, packing up our entire house, hosting both sides of our family, and celebrating Christmas, all within the next three weeks. No big deal 😅😅. #merrickathome #Texas #Dallas #moving #christmascard #minted #liketkit


Still need something to wear?? My sweater dress arrives by Christmas Eve! 🙌 #hurry #addtocart #liketkit


💪🏽TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY💪🏽 - Thank you so much to everyone for all of the birthday greets and wishes! From Bae🐷, my family and friends and to those of you who I have never met yet, y’all have filled my heart with so much joy! Thank you all for making this birthday the best one yet!😭❤️ - The picture on the left was me as a junior in high school(2006) at the age of 17. Never the thought of being active or even having a healthy lifestyle. I was the type to spend my summers at home stuck on my PlayStation! It wasn’t until my senior year where I finally decided to play on the varsity basketball team. Never playing basketball ever, I still made the team! BUT, I was always the last to run suicides, I couldn’t do a lay up to save my life, and I got sent home during conditioning week every single day! So I made the team BUT was benched a majority of the season..😂💯 - Fast forward 13 years later is the picture on the right! Throughout my growing 20s in the military I used to think that I had the physique, diet and mentality of someone who was “active and in shape”. For myself, it took YEARS on top of YEARS of constant trial and error to really find out what worked best for myself! Supplements, I’ve tried it all! CrossFit.. powerlifting.. bodybuilding.. I’ve tried it all!🤯🤯 - It wasn’t till just these past couple years that I’ve really realized what worked best for my goals and the lifestyle I was trying to live.. A BALANCED lifestyle! There’s no crazy tricks or secrets to it. I eat what I want, when I want and I WORK MY ASS OFF every single day that I train in the gym! My priorities have shifted from concentrating on only setting PRs to making sure I can do exercises being pain free! Anne and I don’t restrict ourselves to crazy diets because I cook all of our meals: we rotate between lean meats, keep it colorful and eat when we’re hungry.. it’s really that simple! - So when I say that 30 never felt better, I mean it! I am in the best shape of my life and y’all have yet to see my peak! If you’re feeling like you’re not living the active lifestyle that you would like to have right now, it’s never too late!💯💪🏽 - #CoachJP #CoachGu #trainwithJPAP #transformationtuesday


It's a blessing having so many creatives in my life. Got to create with both @elias.travers and @kyle_mikami today while we shot @sierra281 I've been maxed out on how much time I put into projects so now I'm working on squeezing out more value with the time I spend. Learning and growing with other creatives and building value. I'm a proponent of living with the intent of abundance and growth rather than scarcity. I want to give as much value, knowledge and experience as I can to the world and it seems to always come back with more than I give. Today, Elias gave me a pro #photohack, when shooting food like this, add water to the orange to add more #juice The random things we do for the gram... ⚠️What's your favorite hack? 📥If you want to work with me hit me up in the DMs and let's talk! ➡️Follow the photo journey : @thenameisdan Model : @sierra281 Photo : @thenameisdan / Camera : @sony a7iii Lens : @sigmaphoto 85mm 1.4 Edit: @adobe @lightroom / @photoshop Preset : @vsco #Yamastyle


Do you ever think about the things you hope your kids will never have to experience? Things that you have gone through & pray they never do.💕🙏🏼 . . (AD) One thing I hope my kids never experience, something I’ve struggled with my entire life, is #migraine headaches. On the blog I teamed up with a medical professional from @kpthrive to help all of us understand how to better manage the pain of migraines. Head over to read all about it. #THRIVEambassador . . Do you struggle with migraines? What do you find is the most helpful to help cope?


when this dress is just too good not to shoot, I most definitely recreated the entire hair/makeup look that I did for my holiday party outfit the night before - more pics coming soon :) Photo: @bleudogfotography . . . . . #shein #sheinofficial #sheinside #sheinstyle #holidaypartydress #holidaystyle #holidaypartyoutfit #christmaspartyoutfit #f21xme #platformheels #holidaydress #holidaydresses #holidayshoot #nyeoutfit #nyedress #nye2018 #holidaymakeup #holidayhair #holidayhairstyle #slickbackhair


Be Proactive. Practice. Prepare. Be GATA. - - - Get this gear from @gatapack . . . Photo Credit: @roganusa


Does he love you more than he loves his ego 🔮 Wig @unicornwigs


Three-“meat” banh mi at the new spot @thiendangvegetarian. Tbh I had never been blown away by banh mi before, but now I’m a believer. . . . . . . . . #banhmi #vietnamese #food #foodpics #sandwich #orangecounty #california #veganfood #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #plantbased #crueltyfree


ramen with babe ❤️


T E X T U R E S When I started out just as a contractor, a big part of my job was to select finishes for my clients. I love using different texture and unique shape tiles in my project because I believe it adds another layer of details. . Follow @dannywangdesign for more interior / exterior projects . . . . . . . #tiles #interiordesign #design #homedecor #home #interior #architecture #bathroom #decor #interiors #renovation #homedesign #bathroomdesign #kitchen #tile #construction #art #interiordesigner #luxury #remodel #bathroomdecor #designer #love #bathroomremodel #bath #kitchendesign #bathroominspo #glasstile #realestate #marble


Need a last minute Christmas gift for someone or would like a gift certificate for yourself? Please message me for more info. Or tag someone you'd like to receive one from!🌹 Each one is custom made by me.🖤✨


As a new pin collector, I’m proud of my collection! Still so much to learn and of course find! Excited to see how this evolves with new releases and my interests.


Blessed 🙏🏽 #orangecounty #pacsun


🔥🐁🌅 [SLIDE ME!] Here’s the old 91 Freeway sunset pic that came to my mind via the other night’s pic from the same area. It was from a crappy phone camera and has been over-processed over the years between edits and file conversions, but, oh, well, here it is enlarged and put into two-panel sliding form for you! . . . #skritcherz #sky #skies #cloud #clouds #cloudy #skyporn #cloudporn #sun #sunset #sunsetporn #fire #nature #photo #naturephotography #photography #art #photoart #iPhotography #California #CA #Cali #SoCal #OrangeCounty #freeway


this guy just took off running down the street but how can I stay mad at him with this face?


I absolutely hated BMW before I got this car🤣 Growing on me, thanks for being reliable hoe🖤 #thotiana #bucketboyz #hawtboiz #e46 #driftvert #oem #tistheseason #yadigg #wheresummerat #trynnadropthetop


Rise above clothing on the move!! Here are some upcoming shirts being created!! Stay posted for releases.. #clothes #athleticwear #fitness #entrepreneur #gymclothes #riseabove