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Comment your name without the letters i, o, t, h, and d ❤️ @chelseabdancewear


The art of natural eye plastic surgery • • • Contemporary cosmetic surgery is an exciting mix of knowledge, training, skill and art. The art is the piece I enjoy the most. Understanding how to ease away the signs of the aging eye to recreate a natural balanced look while maintaining each patient’s natural features and identity. It’s the art of balancing the smallest detail with the big picture. Here we combined a mini, focused browlift with an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty and laser skin resurfacing. • • • • • • To see me as a patient contact my Newport Beach, California office. • • ☎️ 949-424-3524 📧 [email protected] 💻 🇺🇸 Newport Beach, Orange County, California, USA • • #trustaspecialist #beforeandafter #blepharoplasty #browlift #eyelidsurgery #eyelidexpert #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery #naturalresults #scienceandart


#17weeks & our first #bumpdate. Baby boy is the size of an orange 🍊 (I totally regret not making @grateful_girl_dad rock a pair of these leggings) #ricobaberound4 #matchingricogals👯👯 #flexilexigirls


Should I sell it or keep it? 🤔 If I sell it what should I get?


Sweeter than my iced coffee🙇🏻‍♀️ Olive High Waisted Leggings Set @loungeunderwear @loungeapparel #femalefamily #loungeunderwear


Hi guys 🤗 happy Friday! here sipping my Opti-greens 50 from @1stphorm this product has honestly been my go-to since the day it came out. It keeps my nutrition more on point and helps keep my immune system strong, which I will definitely need since everyone seems to be getting sick around this time of year. Another great benefit to Opti-greens 50 is how much it improves your digestive health. I always get common questions on muscles, how to get a 6 pack, and I always tell everyone a lot of your health starts in your gut. Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your body or health!


It’s that kind of day! Comment your favorite soda! Mine is grape. 🍇


I’m home! 🌴 Reunited with my girls, my boys (cats) and my vinyl records. Life is good. Also, this 3rd installment “King Bee” completes the 1970’s Muddy Waters trilogy produced by Johnny Winter; in my opinion some of the best and most defining blues records of all time. Peep my story for a listen to one of my favorite tracks, Champaign & Reefer ✌🏼


they never think it’s the real me when they see me 🎭


Hello hello there! It seems you’ve stumbled across my page. I’m not sure where you came from or how you found me (thanks for being here btw) but I’m glad you stopped by! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a fairly recent college grad (it’s getting farther and farther away lol ugh) who isn’t making the big bucks yet but still wants to be trendy and fly and do fun things in all your spare time. Right? Well let’s be honest… being a young adult is tough anywhere you live. Living in Orange County, CA though is a whole new f&!*ing ball game. We spend so much on rent and gas that we can kiss a disposable income GOODBYE. I recently realized though that that kinda sucks. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we don’t get to enjoy it? Bullshit, there has to be something free to do around here. So that brings us here to this blog, where you’ll find a joyous compilation of tips and tricks I have to not go completely bankrupt while living in the OC. Thanks for coming on this broke journey with me (unless you get that high paying job you always wanted and become one of the boujee locals…. good for you sis).


There may be no greater thing than a home cooked meal #mariscos #seafood #aguachiles #camarones #shrimp #ceviche #fishceviche #fish #brewers #saturday #micasita #oc #socal #calilife


🔥Reverse Squat Jump Pulls & Push with the Sled🔥 💁🏻‍♀️If you have a sled at your gym, try this move out! It burns and it’s a great HIIT exercise to work the entire body!!!💪🏼🔥 #fullbodyworkout #hiitworkout #igfitmoms #igfitnessvideos #fitnessvideo #trainingvideo #gymvideo #workoutvideo #sportstraining #speedandagility #turfworkout #spri #sledworkout #fitover40 #45andfit #anw #imdb #fitnessxmagazine #publisher #losangeles #orangecounty


Hey! What’s your Halloween costume planning? 🎃 👻 #halloween #halloweencostume #2018


find someone that looks at you the way i look at an in n out #lookbackatit #ilikemyloveanimalstyle


So sexy dress ever I designed and had seen it in my whole life. That’s mean I can see my own improvements everyday and the best feeling! I am so blessed and blessing my skill ever! Never stop to learning everyday! Will be the best version of me one day! If you ever want to buy this sexy dress then you can. My eBay account just started up. :) #josway #fashiondesigner #josueflores #theofficialjosueflores


You need to try these all natural products by @the_wildist Not only are the products all natural the packaging is 100% recyclable. The toothpaste tube is in a BPA free aluminum tube. Even the cute bag they ship it in is reusable. ♻️ Oh and the deodorant!! 🍊The best part is the tangellow deodorant not only smells fresh and amazing, it glides on so smooth. Anyone who has tried natural deodorant in the past know how wonderful that is alone. As an added bonus it works. We have had a bit a heat wave the last few days and the deodorant stood up to the test! Not to mention all the other reason to use all natural products and packaging: 🌿 Better for your body 🌿 Better for beauty 🌿 Better for the environment Now for the toothpaste, my fav has to be the Brillimint. However, the Soothing and Dreamomile is a close second. #gifted #livecloser # thewildist