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With you I am the happiest 💕 #LA🌴


Authorities say Grant W. Robicheaux, 38, and Cerissa Riley, 31, would meet women in restaurants and bars, spike their drinks, take them to Robicheaux’s apartment, and sexually assault them. Robicheaux appeared in an episode of the briefly run Bravo show “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” in which he went on dates with multiple women, but none of them are believed to be victims. Officials say they have more than 1,000 videos of what may be women being sexually abused. (📸: Orange County District Attorney's Office)


We let our chemists cook the morning coffee here at the office… They take the job very seriously! 😳 - Kidding aside, the biggest difference between Meguiar’s and everyone else, is the nearly 120 years of knowledge and chemistry we have to build on each time we approach a new solution. Our team of developers are passionate about upholding the legacy of excellence that has been passed down to them from the generations that have come before. We understand that when the towel hits the car, nothing else really matters beyond whether we deliver the best performance, results and experience available.💪😌 #weinventedthisgame - - #detailing #autodetailing #cardetailing #detailingdoneright #detailingaddicts #detailinglife #carlovers #rides #auto #car #socal #detailersofinstagram #carwash #carcare #carcareproducts #autocare #chemistry #science #laboratory #madeintheusa #meguiars #meguiarsusa #meguiarsresults #meguiarslife #reflectyourpassion @meguiars


The Big Announcement is here!!!!!!! I’m thrilled to announce that I am now apart of team @1upnutrition If you were to ask me last year where I see myself a year from now, never would I of had thought I’d be at this point in my life. Ever since I have entered the fitness world not only have I grown physically but mentally as a person I’ve become better and I love myself so much more. The fitness culture has brought many amazing and supportive people in my life that support me 100% as well as point me in the right directions. I’m so happy to be apart of this team and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me from the beginning you guys are truly amazing ❤️💪🏼. Make sure you guys check us out and us my code “nnanncy” @ checkout to get 20% off your goodies ❤️ #team1up #1upnutrition #fitness


S&T branding on point 🌟 Shoutout to this chica @olirosedesigns for these cute and soft AF tees 😍


Flying away from my responsibilities 🛫


Yesterday’s look 💚


The Dope Caddy !! 😍 @formulawheelsusa , #Cadillacs_Fan Follow us @cadillacs_fan for more..


“Never look back unless ur planing to go that way” 🦋


[NEW] dark berry corduroy antique gold snap button down cropped jacket and A- lined skirt SET with the raw edge detail . size available in S/M/L. This style’s fit and quality is so nice yet completely complete your vintage look 🖤 💌DM to purchase and for more info. #thecalivintageshop


- O.G. Loko - Album: "The Flood" 🎤💣______° • • ~ I'm the artist, Paints in white, Your skin canvas, I'll leave you scratching, gasping, screaming, screaming I was lost, Until I found myself inside of you My friend, my love, my life, My... truth be told I would, Set my whole world on fire Just to watch it burn in your eyes Meet my dedication, inspiration It may be smothering you But you know its the truth ~ 🎙 • • ______________________________________________ &men Photo/ Video by: @best_of_core #moshpits #metalcoreband #metalcorebands #bandguy #q #posthardcoremusic #deathcorebands #vansoldskool #vanswarpedtour #craigmabbitt #vanswarpedtour #posthardcore #neversaydie #impericon #oliversykes #posthardcore #punks #stretchedlobes #deathcore #vansoffthewall #emocore #emo #metalcore #vans #metalcore #poppunk #aussie #Australia #djent #ofmiceandmen &men


Always close-up ready 😍



10 months old today 🎉 and I already weigh the same as my big bro 😊