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Cheers to Mark and Tiana! 🥂And to last night, when we belonged in the 20's✨@gracemarkedcollective #grisantimarked #gadsbywedding


Happy birthday to the greatest husband and daddy in the world💕 You deserve the best life has to offer! We love you. #happybirthday #bestdadever #decemberbirthday


Our wedding cake was funfetti I made it myself. Let me know if anybody needs a wedding cake, they’re really easy to make


Tiana and Marks wedding with this stud ❤️


My Daughter is now Mrs Grisanti. Prayed for a Godly Gentle Giant. Tiana Fries-Grisanti is so Joyful surrounded by so much love.


When we were living in the 60s #sistersister


Our ✨amazing✨ photographer @jessicayvonnephotography sent us a mini preview of our wedding yesterday, and I love them so much I had to post a few. ❤️ Sorry in advance for all the wedding photos in the next few days!! Photo: @jessicayvonnephotography, dress designer & beautiful bridesmaid: @miss_tashina, makeup: @kenita_of_america, headpiece: @amaroqdesign, jewelry: @purgatoryplaythings, bouquet: @anthropologie, boba wrangling: @dhdogtraining ❤️


Yesterday we celebrated two our our best friends! @rogervonbiersborn thank you for giving me the huge responsibility of best man. @takemetopizza thank you for being crazy enough to marry Roger! You both looked amazing and your wedding was beautiful, hilarious and so very you.


We love an arrangement that pulls our clients beautiful color schemes together 😍✨ #FlowersByLeah #Centerpiece #WeddingFlowers #PinkRose #Hydrangea


The finished product 😊 I’ve always dreamt about making a wedding backdrop, and I finally was asked to do so! Mark and Tiana’s wedding was absolutely stunning. Every time I’m around them, I marvel about how much they love, serve, and encourage those around them. They are a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for the church. #wedding #macrame


Well would you look at that