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both of us are changing our hair soon. who’s going to miss us being the cotton candy couple


Don’t get nauseous 🤢🌊👀 —— Everybody wants waves but don’t how to get them. That makes two of us.... lol. However I do know is that it starts with the nutrients you provide the hair through hair products. This particular client uses #ItsButter and the results speak for itself 🌊🌊🌊 —— Cop your butter when I am still in stock! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ —— #CutsByWatts #HighVoltage⚡️ #OregonBarber #CorvallisBarber #OSUbarber #OregonStateBarber #SacBarber #TexasBarber #FriscoBarber #NYBarber #barber_ogs #thebarberpost #barbershopconnect #nastybarbers #styleseat #barber #barberlife #fades #tapers #haircut #menshair #twistsponge #barberlessons #barbersinctv #therichbarber #sickestbarbers #icutpro


I’ve been starting so many backs and large projects lately, a lot in Japanese style, I’m absolutely stoked about it! But I just wanted to let you all know I’m still all about the one shots and weird stuff. I love doing both so much, I love tattooing! What we post sometimes comes off as some kind of declaration, so I just wanted to be clear 🙏❤️🙏


I’m in Portland. It’d be rude not to. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Plaid runs in the family. Also- this restaurant allows you to throw peanut shells on the floor so i threw one at the camera. #home4theholidays #plaid #pacificnw #divebar #family


weekend adventures


Guys... It's perfect. My USA Select Boden 6 finally came in. Pretty much my dream guitar top to bottom. has everything I've ever wanted in a guitar. Can't recommend these enough. #strandbergguitars #goheadless #guitarsofinstagram #strandberg #fishman #adidas @strandbergguitars @fishmanmusic


Deep breaths tonight.😂 I’ve done many a flight with a screaming toddler but Hazel broke all the records tonight.🏆 Her ears wouldn’t pop as we were landing and she thrashed about for a solid 40 minutes. Or maybe it was 40 hours?🤪 For a moment (pretty sure it was when she threw her head into the window for the third time or maybe when she hit me in the face?), I wanted to feel humiliated. But I realized the humiliation wasn’t coming from what she was doing, it was coming from me thinking about what everybody else was thinking about what she was doing. So I stopped. I told myself that my only job was to take care of her, not anyone else (well, besides the other 3 kids but Jared had them covered😂). And then it all felt so simple. She could cry and I could just be there for her. And whatever else happened was someone else’s business. Sometimes motherhood is simpler than it seems.


Another one bites the dust! Couldn’t leave Oregon without a 5K #5karoundtheworld #bendrunning #runoregon #Bend #allday #earlybird #turkeytrot5k


New Vlog is Live! I actually had a friend tell me that he thinks I’m really starting to get the hang of this whole Vlogging thing and I seem very comfortable in front of the camera in this one, which really made my day! Feels good to feel like I’m improving and to have someone notice. I always appreciate your feedback, so please leave a comment on what you think!


Hi there! Posting this pic scares the crap out of me because it makes me feel a little vulnerable, but that’s okay, I have to overcome my fears. I want to introduce myself to the new people here and show you who’s the person behind this feed. I am obsessed with green beauty and all natural skincare, fashion, interior design and food and I love sharing all of my findings with you. I started this blog almost a year ago and I have loved working on it so far, so feel free to check it out and let me know how you like it! Check the link in my bio to head over to read my latest post. My name is Luisa and I approve this blog 👍🏼


Nap 💤 time


How Blessed to be Watching this Sunset, And just When I thought it Couldn’t get any More Beautiful, A Massive Flock Of Geese Flew by and Off into the Sunset. I am Beyond Thankful for Photography. What a Beautiful Experience to Capture these Moments. #sunset #sunsets #nature #sky #ig #photography #travel #pics #sun #landscape #clouds #madness #beautiful #naturephotography #sunsetlovers #sunrise #summer #photooftheday #love #beach #vision #captures #hub #naturelovers #skyporn #photo #instagood #instagram #landscapephotography


Christmas Vintage Truck is in!!!!❤️ 🎄 This beauty will go fast. 🎄 7”h 6”w 12”l with light kit! $65. If you can’t get in, call & we’ll save one for you! 503.682.3473 * our 20% off sale does not apply due to limited supply.🎅🏻 Christmas Vintage Truck is in!!!!❤️ 🎄 This beauty will go fast. 🎄 7”h 6”w 12”l with light kit! $65. If you can’t get in, call & we’ll save one for you! 503.682.3473 * our 20% off sale does not apply due to limited supply.🎅🏻


Oh boy, do I have some sweetness coming your way. This little lady was so cute and so alert! Her parents said that she is super social and doesn’t like to miss out on anything. Well, I believe it.... I mean, look at her checking me out! She was soooo sleepy, but just couldn’t quite work out closing both eyes! Awe, she really was the sweetest little angel. ❤️❤️❤️


Good morning and happy Wednesday!✨ . . I get asked so often how I juggle mom life, working full time, working out & building a side business. The truth is I just got tired of not being where I wanted to be. Even on the days when I don’t feel like it I show up for myself & my family. . I made a change and said yes to an opportunity that will change my life as long as I show up. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath then you will succeed! Get out of your own way.


Repurposing the greenhouse to keep red wiggler worms thriving during the winter. Potato towers in the foreground. Excited to plant tomato cuttings and try for February Romas. #garden #greenhouse


Nothing like a little KC and The Sunshine Band #kool1035


New props for my YogaTwist Kids’ classes! Fun find! 😃🙏🐸