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Yesterday we took a look at Portland from the Willamette... today, behold Portland from the sky! ☁️ #downtownpdx - Photo by @chrisliedlephoto View made possible by @enviadventures


You either love it, or you’re pretending like you do. - Nothing about this is a burden to me. I will not complain about the lifestyle. I’ll never look forward to leaving the gym. I will do this everyday, no matter what, until i can’t anymore. - - - #portlandoregon #portland #grateful #winners #bodybuilder #health #healthyliving #muscle #bodypositivity #fit #strong #fitnessgoals #exercise #settinggoals #flexing #workhardplayhard


@iraryancycles packed up headed to the strippers. He's having his Holeshot repainted. The red frame is the stolen bike from a couple weeks ago. We got it back but need to repaint it. The Fat Chance is @iglebike's. Three frames coming at yah @singlespeedcracker ! #exmesslife #BreadWinnerCycles #workhardridehome


Wow throwback to how malik asked me out junior year of high school


Currently training on our (buffdudes) bodyweight program. No weights, no problem. Check out the videos on our YouTube channel - link in bio 💪 #YatsffuB #PumpDay


hip hopper....🌀🌀🏆


Mommy got us this cozy blanket to share - it even has our names on it! You can get yours too at @americanblanketcompany 😊 Use code FOURPAWS and get 10% OFF!


#StudioToneItUp anywhere!!! Desert vibessss!🌵😉💪🏽 #SummerToneUp is well underway and I’m loving these new workouts!! ・・・ Got 16 minutes to feel the burn?! 🔥 Join us in the studio for “ABsolutely Gorgeous!” You’ll be so glad you did, babe! Xo! 💎😘 #TIUteam


When I pick raspberries I have a decision to make with each one I pick. Bucket or my mouth? Not very many made it in the bucket. It happens EVERY TIME 😍


BUYERS are ready and waiting for something great to purchase. Whatcha got for me?


So, @sharristocrat looks like a goth in this photo but she’s actually a fairy angel in real life. She magically appeared when I truly needed someone to sing, laugh, cry and write songs of love and heartbreak with ✨ #bodiesofwater new LP coming soon 🕊


Off to her new home at Stumptown Headquarters’ permanent collection! 🙌🙌🙌Thanks to @wendyruth for making it happen - such an honor! So excited to see it installed! #artcollection #permanentcollection #stumptown #stumptowncoffee #artandcoffee #twoofmyfaves


Thanks, Bishop's!