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@mhoffy68. In overtime. Again. 🔥🔥🔥


I used to be jealous of kids who’s parents were together... but because of these two my upbringing never felt like it was lacking. My mom and my dad went to the ends of the earth to make it work because they love me. I like to remind them as often as I can how much I care about them. I friggin love these two eccentrics...I didn’t stand a chance at being normal.


Buddy ill actually run you from behind


a world traveler gets stuck indoors 🤷🏻‍♂️ what’s your favourite object to use while shooting?


@flavorsbyzendy showed me this amazing recipe on her page the "chickpea pizza" using chickpeas or chickpea flour to make the dough, I combined it with spelt flour and some spices (basil oregano thyme) super easy to make, then a tomato sauce classically made, with the highest physio energy in it, and then habaneros for heat, avocados, peppers and tomatoes. You can really throw anything on this! Sometimes it's better to sautée the veggies before putting them on the pizza and then baking. It's not hard tho my friends ! Impress the fam jam with this bad boy I dare ya ! Plant based vegan diet feel your health peakin baby


Giving my haters my BOUNDA to kiss in my @msblingmiami dress 😘💙 Ottawa I’m on my way to the stage 💁🏿 Montreal see you tomorrow night ❤️🇨🇦 #JessieWoo


Way too drunk 🍀


KandF’s new 80’s home update. We are mostly moved in and completing renos over the next couple months. As long as we have a couple clean rooms we are good to go!


Nick Cave, Soundsuit. 🔈🔉🔊


Last bit of our #NYC trip, a real #Cronut, a deep fried #croissant #donut with #creamfilling #yum #omnomnom #getfat #gymlater #cremebrulee #newyork #nyny


Surrounded by such hard working, smart, fierce, kind hearted, beautiful women! Love my squad 🖤 Happy 26 Cass Xo


On Jan 30th I told my wife ' I sometimes get too caught up in other ppl's physical activities that I forget to take better care of myself' Since June 2015 when i tore 2 ligaments in my ankle I have struggled at upping the intensity and consistency of my personal workouts.. I still give 110% to my clients but it was time to take that same drive I have towards my VTT PEEPS and apply the same expectations to myself .. day 46 straight with burning 450 active calories .. * #vttfitness #fitspo #instalike #spartanrace #toughmudder #triathlon #runner #run #swim #bike #runnersofinstagram #goals #fitness #applewatch #fitdad #dadbod #healthylifestyle #selfcare #me #mytime #ottawa #mevsme