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i tend to spend my nights gazing up at the stars, wondering at my place in it all. i’m twenty five years old now and to me this life has seemed infinite. i know it may only be a drop in the ocean of time but what if a single life is merely our interpretation of the eternal. what if the entire universe exists inside of us and we inside of it... someone recently asked me, if i could relive moments from the past with all my senses fully enabled or see glimpses of the future with only sight, what i would choose. an i don’t quite know yet. what would you choose?


4 weeks into a 9 week stretch of touring. Been doing conditioning hiking on pavement in cities on my days off. I'll be back on some new trails with new photos in August 🌲🏕


The wait between the snowmelt and bloom in the mountains always seems to last forever. Man, I can't wait to see the Chugach range burst into color.


Moving here


FULL FILM LINK IN BIO Earlier this year @kylehouck @arniewatkins and I headed up the west coast with the Inspire 2. Check out the full film to see what went down! What an adventure!


Lemme tell ya about Spontaneity, Shipwrecks, & Sunsets. ✨ Feelin spontaneous, stumbled upon a random beach, drove on the beach, got stuck in the sand, tried to dig out, feared for our sanity, a man found us, helped pull us out of the sand & said keep driving “there’s a cool shipwreck 3 miles down the beach”, drove there, watched the sunset over the ocean on top of an old shipwreck. Thank goodness for spontaneous moments, generous humans, & unplanned mishaps that turn into the greatest blessings. Long post but feel’n grateful. That’s all. Life is such an adventure if you let it be. ✨


•PDX🚘SF✈️SD• thank you for the most amazing ten days full of road tripping, exploring new places, eating good food, and listening to Drake’s entire discography for a strong majority of our trip. let’s do it again soon. ily♥️


🌲chasing lakes and avoiding snakes 🐍 Okay really only humom had a little freak out when the girls were literally standing over a snake on the trail as it slowly slithered away. Have you or your dogs had any interaction with snakes? . . . . . . . . . #siberianhusky #malamute #shepherd #gsd #shepsky #shepamute #dogsmile #happiestpups #dogoftheday #dailydog #dailywoof #laughoften #laughingdog #pnwonderdogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstaworld #hikingwithdogs #hikingdogsofinstagram #dogsonadventures #explorewithdogs #staywild #wild #animallovers #dogslife #alpinelake #rescuestrong #huskymix #rescuedog #behappy #dogsmakemehappy


A car nap a day keeps a good sleep cycle at bay


Enjoying a sunlit summer night and just taking him in. How did I get so lucky? #seattlesummer #babywiz @brian.wisniewski #pnw


Feeling like a forest creature 🌲✨ Photo by: @corey.saldana


You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. -rumi #quoteoftheday #reflections #tbt


One of my all time favorite cloud formations. Looks like a painting in the sky.


Backyard snackin in the Great PNW


#WanderlustWednesday Reflecting on this time last year when I was planning for my big adventure 🗺🌍 sometimes I feel sooo far & removed from my soul-searching journey, the clarity I gained and the joy in freely being my authentic self. Almost like I’ve slipped right back into that old self that lived according to someone else’s rules. Slowly learning to accept the ebb and flow of life & so stinkin’ grateful for @georgiah2o sharing this wise little nugget to help me along the way - maybe it’ll help you too 💙🌊 "UP AND DOWN... In and out. Give and take. Round and round. We don't understand why it takes so much time to figure this out. There are times when things go haywire, run amok, feel out of our control. But then it occurs to us that nature (and the forces beyond) are one giant exercise in equilibrium. Things do come around - eventually. These words are not meant to lull you into complacency, but to give you strength and courage when you feel that you don't have a voice or the energy to continue. They are the words to let you know that the questions you ask, the conversations you have, the actions that you take, all make a difference. And that, little by little, you can mount seemingly insurmountable challenges. You've just got to start somewhere, even if the starting point is breathing: in and out." #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #optoutside #forceofnature #livebravely #PNW