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Whenever I try to show anyone anything 😑


❄️ #dillondewal


A VERY special Happy Birthday to our head counsellor - Chris McKibbin! 🎉 From your epic playhouse and dynamite flashlights to always making us laugh on the mic, Manitou simply wouldn’t be the same without you! ❤️ #salamay #canyoufeelthemeat #birthdaycookie #manitou2018 @cmckibbi


❄️💙C O L D💙❄️ (Comment if I forgot to tag you) Meh it’s way to cold at my cottage. The roads are so slippery me and my mom saw 2 car crashes cause of the icy roads (no one was really hurt cause the amount of snow on the sides of the roads) 🙀😖❄️


1st Family Day!! 👍Thank you ❤️


Hello men


And just like that it’s over. Tonight was the last time I would put on that #13 jersey and play as a Spring Valley Cardinal. The past four years have been full of laughter, memories, and tears and I wouldn’t give that up for the world. I want to thank my team, coaches, parents, and fans for everything you have done to make my basketball career the best it could be. Thank you to my teammates for pushing me, putting up with my stinky feet, and making my senior season great. Thank you to my coaches who always believed in me and pushed me to be not only the best player I could be but also the best person I could be. Thank you to all the parents that came out to support the team through all the ups & downs. Thank you to all the fans (@tmart) for cheering us on throughout the years. I’m so thankful for all the experiences, life lessons, and memories that my basketball career has brought me. 💕🏀


Cobbled together from sights this weekend up at my dad’s up in Parry Sound. #illustration #fox #ontario #winter


As spoiled as Cali is, she still couldn't believe I drilled holes in the ice just for her to get a drink. She seemed a little confused when I sat down beside it for an hour with a stick in my hand, miraculously pulling trout up through the hole. #curiousity #icefishing #morakniv #winterincanada #onice #goldenretriever #retriever #waterdog #madeincanada #wintersport


Love having our cellar tanks upright in the brewery!🍺 Check out this video of us swinging them into place!


Going for a ride


The fog yesterday covered everything. Walking around in this was unnerving, but extremely blissful. It was as if it were a scene from a horror movie, but with the extreme peace from this town, it just seems so peaceful, but the scenery was still quite wearisome. It was a catch 22. 🧚🏼‍♀️✨. • • • #muskoka #muskokalife #toronto #spiritual #spiritualawakening #selflove #model #models #torontomodel #canadianmodel #nomad #nomadlife #travel #traveller #portraitpage #portraitstream #moodyports #postthepeople #makemeelite #photography #darkphotography #agameoftones #agameofportraits #lightgame #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #positivevibes #positivevibesonly


Great session today for a piece being run in the Globe and Mail. Thanks to @parrysoundbikes for the great coffee and launching point for the shoot!


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