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Some people are worth traveling 6 hours to celebrate! Congratulations @sometimesihaveabeard and @hannuhhpierce !!!!!


It’s not just film, it’s Kodachrome. Don’t miss #KodachromeMovie, available on @Netflix starting today. Select theater dates to follow. #ShotOnFilm ⠀ Hear our conversation with Director @MarkRaso about making the movie and shooting it on film. Listen and subscribe to #TheKodakery podcast at


Starting to get back some of my old tricks. Still kicking my feet like a moron tho. #crossfit #muscleup #tornlabrum


smile a little more, regret a little less


On my way to Wichita, I stopped off at Dwayne’s Photo, where the last roll of Kodachrome was processed. Took this picture with my DSLR. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“I bet you ain’t shit w/o makeup” Mannnnn, you right, but even though my face ain’t a 10 without makeup my personality still a 10 bihhh 👅😘


Sad this day came so soon, hopefully the next day I get to see you comes even faster<333


‪“Name calling and divisiveness isn’t needed in government,” Ken Selzer, CPA #ksleg #ks4ks #kenandjen


Jasper killin it with the goggles.


What a weekend 😄 I had a crazy busy week of work and I love how tan I’m getting! Swimming has been incredible for my body, I feel so powerful in the water. And my body loves the water too... it seems my breaks get shorter and shorter because I never want to get out anymore. My shoulders feel AH-MAZING!! Then my bestie got a good majority of her stuff moved in this weekend, we had an amazing day at church and a wonderful brunch, we got a ton of yard done that took no time at all, I cooked a pretty awesome dinner for her, and to top it off: WE FINALLY SAW THE INCREDIBLES 2! I’ve been waiting for 14 years to see his, and the little girl sitting next to us was laughing right along with us.. but we definitely were the loudest... we’ll along with the other adults in there who have waited too. Things are coming together quite smoothly and the house is beautiful ☺️ I’m so thankful for God who has helped heal my heart and shattered soul. I have a reason to smile again. And my heart does that weird fluttery thing again.. I know it wants to love again, but dang girl, I need more time before we start that mess again 😂😂 It seems God has something big in store for me by putting this love back in my heart ... I don’t understand it now, but I’m going to let the path reveal itself to me and stay on it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful Monday tomorrow! Oh, another new goal for me: quit hating on Monday’s.. it’s the start of a brand new week to do something brand new. Make the most of it! 💗🙌🏼 #healthylifestyle #fitnessjourney #workingwoman #happygirl #roommate #shenanigans #tan #cookingathome #Incredibles2 #bestie #roommate #shenanigans #nofilterneeded 🌅💕🌺


The lil crew for Father's day. #generations


Starting my Father’s Day off right. #crossfit #hurstoldsmobile #hurstolds #granitegames2018 #granitegames


Join us for church this morning either in person or live via Facebook! We pray you are blessed by today’s message!


I Love You Baby


Yay you got married today!! Your day was so beautiful, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it! I had so much fun with you this week, and I’m so glad I got to spend some time in your state that was named after you too!


Things that make you pause...