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I can’t even describe my excitement for Thanksgiving next week! All the food, the fun activities I have planned & starting my new traditions with Laila, including putting up our Christmas trees together (she has one too) & watching Christmas movies. Anyone doing anything fun next week? 🦃


Throwback to our Crippled Cricket Match... haha #itsjustagamefocker #dadfail #cricketworldcup


Walk out that nigga life like : 💁🏽ft. @badd_ahh_queen my forever lady 😩😘😏🍑💃🏽‼️ #changeyourattitudeORleave,ME:


Surprise surprise Jack made it and didn’t go to Oxford this time!!!(: #carnation


Death takes a selfie!!!! Thanks to Kathy Sulley for making this bitchin cloak! Happy Halloween #costume #salmon mousse


Bruh what a dick. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂 love my boy though #Koda #WolfHusky @dogsofinstagram


College 2.0


Remember back in the day when I was obsessed with Hamilton and would play it at my old gym and dance to it while warming up?? I miss this gym so much.... #toomanyfeelstonight #imissitsomuch


Always gone support! Last year make it count lil cuz! @c.hardin2 ✊🏽 🏀


Back in the studio today. 🙌🏼 Still fooling around with the pigment sticks. There’s some graininess in this one because I didn’t peel the “skin” off the exterior of the stick before I smooshed it on the page. #lifelesson I’m looking forward to more painting and a solid nap today. Yes, aim high, right? #palmtrees #contemporaryart #lagoon #pigmentsticks #lazysaturday #lovemesomenaps #experimentation


Do you ever feel like you’re losing hair more than usual? There are actually times of the year when it’s completely normal to lose a little extra hair in the shower or in your brush. Just like your dog sheds more in the winter, human hair loss patterns also change with the seasons. There are two times during the calendar year when humans experience seasonal hair loss, the first is in July and August and the second—and more significant—is November and December into half of January. The hair is thickest in the summer to serve as protection from the sun. The shedding during these months is a temporary situation. The hair will grow back in about three months. Also be aware of damage. The amount of hair women see falling daily also greatly depends on the condition of the hair. If the hair is highly damaged, then breakage will occur, adding to the amount of daily hair loss. Other possible medical conditions could be to blame if the hair loss is excessive and abrupt... 🌱 •Stress •Anemia •Thyroid disease •Low in iron •After having a baby... If you ever have questions or concerns about your hair, always feel free to ask us!


Someone is is a mood today. 😾 #caturday #catsofinstagram #mainecoon #mainecoonsofinstagram


Double the pleasure, double the fun!😜


Sugar and spice and everything nice!! ❄❄ come down and say hello!


We are going to be taking a pic of our account @drinkoftheday23 and we will se how it grows 🎉🔔


Mia's obsessed #justicefashionshowready 💙


“Character Zero,” @phish 10/22/16 @vzwamphitheatre #phishphan #deadhead @livephish #aoxomoxoa T-shirt @deadandcompany FRIDAY #detroit