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my face bc final grades are all in and I can breathe again! ~thx~ state for all the mems that came w the best semester yet! truly happiest here ☻


Happy #GoodBoyFriday, Penn State!


To the best semester yet🤪


bought these poinsettias just for the pic sweater @shopakira #shopakira 🖤


Men, just a random thought... The phrase "silence speaks #louder than words" never holds more meaning for when the women you #desire pulls down an iron curtain, effectively shutting you out when the day before, you were #chatting about God, life, love and everything else under the sun. Maybe she's not #silent because of you. Maybe she's been burned in a previous #relationship and doesn't want to take anything to another level that soon. So, instead of talking about it, her #defense mechanism kicks in and she withdraws. Not the #best way to deal with things, but that's a possibility. In that case, asking her what's wrong and so on sometimes won't help. #Space is sometimes good. But not to the extent that you completely #abandon her. That will actually work against you. I #hope this helps! I ❤️ you!


one more with my day 1s 🤯😝


Hey psu thanks for the best semester with the best people. See ya in August for the grand finale.


thank you, next💙🐾


Happy 18th to the best girl in the 🌎 thank you for always having so much fun with me, and I can’t wait for all the good times ahead🤞🏼love u Beth @lizbonomo_ ❤️


My beautiful wife @emebennett39 encouraged me to finish my application and has been there inspiring me the whole way!! #pennstate #pennstategraduation #psychologyofleadership #mastersdegree #nittanylions


‘Tis the Season to be grateful for amazing new friends and incredible art😌 • • • @henna.babe