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Six years. One dream. A thousand thank-you’s. This past state convention, I made it my mission to collect as many names from PA FFA members as possible. As I interview for a National FFA office this week, I am so grateful for all of the names (and so many others) that are inside this jacket. Thank you all for your support and your love. It truly means the world. #JustOneFFA


💧 sad girl 💧


Love this team, and these people 💙


‪The Climb took over campus earlier today 🔵🦁⚪️ Season Starts Fri. Nov 9‬ #ClimbWithUs


Pls transfer. No one looks good in orange


WE ARE 🔵⚪️


We 👏 are 👏 so 👏 excited! #Repost @psuartsarch #PennState ... College of Arts & Architecture on Instagram: “Beautiful sunset @pennstatemusic The new recital hall opens FRIDAY! @pennstate 📸 @stephanie_swindle


Helllooo lovas💞 my upper body gains size pretttyy easily (not something I like either) but so I like to keep it low weight & higher reps!! Here we’re focusing alll on the biceps & triceps using just the cables 👏🏼🙌🏼 so if you’re in a busy gym & you’re lucky enough to snag some cables these are for you! . PSA: notice how in ALL of these moves my upper arms are stationary - this help to isolate and hone in on the bi’s & tri’s!! . superset. Overhead Hammer Curl | 4x15 Tricep Pushdown | 4x15 superset. Overhead Tricep Extension | 3x15 Hammer Cable Curl | 3x15 superset. Cable Tricep Kickback | 3x15 Reverse Cable Curl | 3x15 . Dats it just 3 little supersets!!🌟


Back at it - Practice Sights 📸 #WeAre


I am in Grandma heaven. Seeing my grandson at Penn State puts such a big smile on my face.❤️❤️ #proudgram #happyvalley #weare #thankful


Evidence of a building damaged by a fungus (outside of buckout) ~ 9/25/18 ~ Dr. Geiser @ryan_ford_ppem425 #ppembiol33