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On days where I’m running around Seattle, I want to look cute but not sacrifice comfort. I usually end up wearing a cute pair of shoes and regretting it cause my feet hurt, but I recently got @rothys shoes and I’m so in love! They’re incredibly comfy and fit so well, they’re super cute, and if they do get dirty I can machine wash them! Major bonus: @rothys shoes are all made from sustainable materials, are vegan, and recyclable 🙌🏽 I love a brand with both ethical and sustainable practices AND incredibly cute products 🌎💚  #ad #Rothys #RothysInTheWild


Hanging out in #pikeplacemarket wearing @rothys flats! ❤️ #Rothys #RothysInTheWild #ad⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ #outfitstyle #igers_seattle #casualoutfit #dailyoutfit


City kid


I just received this surprise film photo I’ve never seen before. I was 20 and it was my second year (1998) working for a flower farmer at the famous Pikes Place Market in Seattle. This pic is obviously peony season which was an epic crop to share at the market. We literally sold truckloads of flowers each week. I worked in flowers both here and at the once iconic/ highly eccentric “Flower Lady” stall in Eastlake for years. We built our roadside shop each day out of electric cable spool tables and had lines of people (shout out to chivalrous/romantic men!) who used to line up for bouquets each night. We made them in a performance style, using only hands. I became a seasoned florist using this unusual hand style assembly and never stopped moving. It was hard work in the rain and the cold, but I loved it. It’s strange to see this old picture of those times. It all felt so special then. And I remember how it felt even though I can’t see it all captured here. My dream as a little girl was to be an artist, own a flower shop and live above it in a “big city”. 😂🌸🌃I couldn’t think of anything that sounded better. I did sell flowers, and I did live above a shop. But it was a drug store across town. 🤣 I lived on a heavy rotation of buying and selling used CDs and clothing. Every piece of your journey adds to your love for life and shapes the way you celebrate it. Flowers, shopkeeping, art and cities are still a big part of my personal story. Without stepping stones you don’t make it across the river... Enjoy each stone. #pikesplacemarket #florist #shopkeepers


All smiles with this special girl #seattle #secretgardens #pnw #fall


#throwback to when we were in Seattle for babe’s comedy tour (which also featured the stunningly beautiful and truly hilarious @kylejune). The first episode of the cute docu-series was just released on YouTube (link in bio)


Pike Place Market 🎣 🌊🦞 🍅 🌿


I CANCELLED my @PlayStation Classic Pre-order #DISAPPOINTED. WATCH >> https://youtu.be/oOogwcuppgM


1970s is best remembered for pre-dawn fly fishing trips in NH backwoods w/ grampa (“The” Mark Seaver), #brookies #rainbowtrout #browntrout #bowlakenh —-> One look to the rear of the canoe, revealed a true artist with a fly rod, mosquito net, yellow rain jacket, green lid, eventually he would tell me “Billy, hand me your chain!!” Never have seen fish get caught that fast. @oldtowncanoes @westerrosssalmon some voids never fill, you search...and search #elevatedminds #fishisallthereis


Always working my wonderful husband is pretty amazing!! A little football a little payroll all good with the Chief 😘


“People forget years and remember moments.”




Don’t mind me just having some coffee☕️ at the first Starbucks that ever open.😄 Seattle🏙 is so fun #seattle #starbucks


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