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I learned 2 important things this week: 1. If you drink too much kombucha at one sitting and don’t eat enough food you might be sick for about 4 days...🙈🤣 2. If you don’t let your body rest, your body will force you to rest. 😕😴 . Here’s the thing... I thought I was doing pretty well at letting myself rest. But I was taking on too much and not allowing myself enough time to RELAX or CHILL at the end of the day. . This may be a constant thing that I struggle with. Wanting to do so much ALL AT ONCE. Anyone else struggle with this? . I’m intentionally setting stricter boundaries for myself for 2019 and making sure I’m prioritizing the things that matter the most to me: My faith and relationship with God 1st, time with my hubby, my family and adorable nieces and nephews and time with friends. . What are you prioritizing in 2019? . Outfit @shophunnis


We got some sneak peeks back from @meganleev today! Couldn't be happier with her capture of such a magical day ❤


Big love


Sending so much love and thanks to all of our family and friends who celebrated with us, danced with us, drank with us, and happy cried with us all day long. It will forever be our favourite day. Love, Mr & Mrs Sloan! 👰🏻🤵🏼


This crew, So.Thankful #BCAS


Beautiful Marine windows ready for our favorite people at @jaspermarineboats #dope #freshandclean #keepcraftalive #madeincanada🇨🇦


my happiest moments look a lot like this


Nothing super fancy about what I’m doing... just fancy lighting 💜 ••• Good luck to all my students performing tonight at @westcoastflyingtrapeze’s student showcase! ••• Also please forgive my terrible splits in this video... it’s really hard to warm up these days in the true north strong and freezing 🥶





Well the Weather Out There is Frightful...Come Inside and Have Some Fun With Us!! ☃️ #snowman #beanbags



Recharging day! It's nasty outside. I've been over due since oct 31.


I couldn’t help but edit a few extra special photos from their wedding before going through the rest. This one caught my eye right away.⁣ ⁣ HMU - @savethedatebeauty Florals - @november_blooms Event planning - @popupweddingsbc


I don’t even own a dog smh


What’s your favorite type of #veganlatte? For me it’s between Oat Milk and Organic Soy Milk ☺️☕️


Kitchen backsplash well underway! Always love the simplicity of white subway tiles. The finish line is so close for this custom renovation 🙌🏻 - - swipe left for a before picture! Same wall.. not so similar design 😉


Sometimes when @andy__buckle kisses me, I have the same look on my face. How adorable are these two kiddos? When I asked Maddie to give her brother, Jake, a kiss on the cheek, she whole heartedly grabbed his face and went in for a big ol kiss. 🥰😘


Marla’s first attempt at making these beautiful dining room table centrepieces. She got herself some power tools, watched some You Tube Videos and produced this. I’m so impressed as every time she handed me the nail gun, I ran away! Although I did stain it! My minimal contribution. 😊. #woodworking #christmasprojects #whatsnext #shesgottalent