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Fue un día muy #CRAZY @elchad me dijo tengo una sorpresa y que sorpresa! Fuimos hasta un lugar bastante colorido Que según #Randy lo adquirió por 10mil dólares y hoy tiene un valor de 2 millones de dólares por todo el arte, que antes fue basura y hoy es una fortuna! @randyland.pgh Pinte la señal número 141 de los distintos Países del mundo que visitaron a Randy! El mío fue #Paraguay 🇵🇾


I have a pile of left over tour souvenirs, and records and books and socks, EVERYTHING! I also have these super dope NOT MY SANDERS SHIRTS. It’s self explanatory. If you’d like a chance to grab something special for your life or the life of a loved one, go right now and get fancy! #upthepunx #nevernormal #thehomelessgospelchoir www.thehomelessgospelchoir.com/merch/. LINK ALSO IN BIO. Very limited amounts of everything.


Happy #humpday from Pittsburgh. First coat of tan on, ready for tomorrow 😜 @str8shredded tank 💜 • #mommaof6 💗💙💗💙💙💙 #figurecompetitor #figureprep #fitchicks #nationals #girlswithmuscles #mastersnationals #becausegoals #bestself #bootybootybooty #booty


Don’t look for me in someone else. #22 🎈🎉


Lots of cans today as we start off the week! . . . First up we have a limited run of Pounce, our Citra/Mosaic lupulin powder IPA. 25 cases at 2 4-packs per person. . . . Nollie is 7% and loaded with Nelson and Amarillo hops for an experience like no other. I used to pilot this beer a lot, so I’m excited to have it on the production scale. 150 cases with a one case limit. . . . And finally we have some Dakota Line held over from the weekend. 30 cases, half case limit. . . . @bluesparrowpgh at the curb serving up the eats! . . . 9 cases Dakota 80 cases Nollie. Pounce Sold out at 5:10



OH CRAP! It’s hump day, isn’t it!? 🙈 #humpxY #wednesday #henryandpenny


Copied my brothers pose rq😂😁


Today I got the best news, my mom has officially beaten cancer!! Knew from day one you would overcome this. #fuckcancer


I got 3 sons #Blessed I don’t need nun of u niggaz #Homies 💯💯💯


Another good beer!


One of my favorite parts ❤️ @panicatthedisco @ppgpaintsarena


What’s up


Are you digoxin? Because my heart beats for you