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My #1 tip for public speaking: . You know I’ve said courage is contagious, right? Well, smiling is contagious as well. . When you smile to the world, the world will smile back at you. And this applies to public speaking ☺️. . Scroll through the other images the photographer captured during my talk at Yum Brands. What’s consistent about them? . But be careful, your smile needs to come from a genuine place. When you speak you have to make sure your heart is enjoying the content you’re sharing. If your heart smiles, you will to. . And don’t get me wrong, I’m not only talking about happy things👆🏼here. A genuine smile can tell a sad story with deep emotions as well as a happy one. . I don’t stop smiling, not one minute during my presentation, because I truly believe that my content matters and that it can make a difference. Yours can too. Just believe in it 🙏🏻☺️✨ . Let me know if this was helpful and if I should keep sharing #mypublicspeakingtips ✌🏼@hellofears #hellofears . Special thanks to James Fripp for bringing us to Yum and for these wonderful pictures. You rock!


✨Flapper Girl✨ 11.16.15 🌹 @eclipseent_


We got sent this animation of when we cut open the @pizzahut Pie Tops from @sherbertlemonuk and it looks rad 🙌 If you ever want to make content for our Instagram send us a DM 📥 #throwbackthursday #sneakerhead #pizzahut🍕 #whatsinside #fanart


Invented some awesome @PizzaHut pizzas with @RealJayWilliams today! @CoryCotton won best looking pizza while @Cody_Jones_ took home taste test GOLD! #FlavorOfNow


Aprendiendo cosas nuevas 🍕 #pizzahut #loveofpizza


What a true hustler do go to work with the flu😒😒


Life is hard at Litchfield for Alex, Piper and Nicky but it definitely helps that we get a lot of free Pizza Hut Pizza 🍕 🍕🍕 #orangeisthenewblack #thebrandteamdoeshalloween #pizzahut


Ordered Up a New Office. #PizzaHut Delivered! Fun Times Ahead...Stay Tuned!


Vamos lá, mais um seminário (Lead conference) aqui em Dallas. Ouvir, conversar e compartilhar experiências. #lead #leadconference #dallas #leadership


Day 2! Starting off slow, can't wait for it to pick up a bit. But once it does I'll be begging for this time back lol. Also, attempted a smoky eye today. You can't really tell from the pic cuz it's so bright but it turned out well. This might be my new go to.


Work day


Talking #strategy with #colonelsanders told him I need that #originalrecipe #hejustsmiled #dallas #texas


It was such a great honor last Friday to deliver the keynote speech at the @prospanicanational Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter 6th Annual Texas Lead Conference hosted by @yum_brands in Plano, Texas. Special thanks to the Prospanica DFW Board of Directors led by Gil Zafra, MBA and James Fripp, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of Yum! Brands. Congratulations  on a success conference with great panels and forums with a record turnout of hundreds of Latino and Asian professionals from around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area. Prospanica DFW is a chapter organization of Prospanica under the leadership of President & CEO Thomas Savino. Founded in 1988, Prospanica’s mission is to empower and enable Hispanic professionals to achieve their full educational, economic, and social potential. Prospanica is a coalition board member of @hacrorg - Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility. Side note: Yum! Brands is the parent company of @pizzahut, where I worked for years from senior year in high school to my junior year in college. I’m thankful for my years working at Pizza Hut which, along with my parents, helped me finance my college degree. Great to come back to Pizza Hut for the first time since my college days. Elia Quintana, MBA Monica L. Martinez Nathaniel Bennett Diana E. Martinez, MBA


Enjoyed facilitating a round table discussion at the #Prospanica Texas Lead Conference about corporate politics and how to play the game without losing who you are. Thanks #YumBrands for hosting us! #Texas #Conference #leadership #growth #authenticity #careergoals #diversity #inclusion


P is for Pizza Hut