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It's ok not to be ok. There was enough fake smiles and "I am fine, thx". It make me sick. I dont want to be just the next one. I just want to BE. Anywhere. Take a deep breath. And then scream, shout, yell, cry, panic and feel all those fucking bad feelings going through my skin outside. Yes, it hurts. But it makes you stronger. It makes you who you are. Who are you then?


Do you ever have those kinds of days where you wake up bright & early ☀️ and think “I’m going to really get stuff done today! 🤗”... then you blink and all of a sudden the sun is going down 🌚😧 someday I could swear I am living in a time warp with Dyschronometria 😬🤦🏻‍♀️ - 💘 reminding ourselves to not live so much in the future that we never are able to enjoy the moments we are in is important *reminder to self* ✨ make a point to really take in- today.




😭⚽️We are always looking for recognition from other people. We want to be liked and accepted by everyone. 😔😡When we don't get the recognition we deserve, we are often quick to give up on what we claimed we wanted for ourselves. 🔐⚽️Remember, your success is for you. It's not to make other people look at you in a certain way. It's because you want to be a certain type of person, feel better, and reach your potential. 👉You may not be getting the respect that you think you deserve. That isn't a reason to quit. In fact it's just more reason to keep moving. 🤜🤛Do this for yourself. Do what you said you were going to do and the respect will follow.


today i turn 34! a lot has changed in the last year and i look forward to growing into my new age, learning along the way and putting 100% into everyday life. you can't change the past but you can change the future, one day at a time and to learn to love those that are close to me and to never give up on my dreams. #happybirthday me! ⭐️ for my birthday wish i hope to reach 1,000 youth in crisis at @trevorproject ⭐️ you can learn more in the link in my profile to donate ➡️ ⬅️


Tu vida la celebraría una y mil veces🍾 Feliz cumpleaños, te adoro Brenda Daniela, muchos años más de tu alegría, tu talento y tu brisho✨


it's body confidence day. 🌼If you have been following me for awhile, you will know this has been the year of body confidence for me. I never knew that my body would become the subject of international media like CNN, TIME, Vogue Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and the list goes on. This taught me that being confident in the body we are in is an international problem. Regardless of where we are from, we are taught to question ourselves and try to change who we are to fit a norm created by society. We are told we are too fat, too skinny, too curvy, our boobs are too big, our boobs are too small, our butts are too round, our butts are too flat, our thighs are too thick, our thighs have no muscle definition..... WHAT IS ACTUALLY IMPORTANT is that we LOVE OURSELVES FOR WHO AND WHAT WE ARE. Our bodies will change. That happens. But it is so crucial to accept where we are and know that life throws challenges and obstacles our way that can impact the physical body others see. Our bodies do SO MANY AMAZING things!!!! Love it for everything it is, not for what you feel it is not. And know that the most important person to seek approval from, to be better for, to love, and to look up to for inspiration is the person looking back at you in the mirror. #perfectlyyou #confidentlybeautiful


“I live my life based on 2 principles. One, I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two, I live today as if I am going to live forever.” osho


هروقت حس كردي از هميشه تنها تري اون موقع معني آيه فَاني قريبٌ رو درك ميكني ميفهمي شايد انسان ها تنهات گذاشته باشن اما خدا از رگ گردن به تو نزديك تره❤️



Winter is coming


Stay positive for you and the closest ones around you and something good can always happen. #sarcoma #goodvibes #alwayskeepfighting #cancerfighter