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Sattturdaaaay's 💪🏼💦 #BeFree


📍Torrance 📍 the #hitsquad is inside the Plant Fitness off Hawthorne Blvd & Del Amo!! Come get some #kdayswag🔥 and we'll take care of your dollar down plant fitness sign up!! 20040 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance Ca 90503


Up early to drop it like a squat! #runner #squats #legday #planetfitness #girlswholift




Gym time! #scion #frs #vertex @vertexusa @superstreet


Laptop money. #SayMyName #TheWave


No Days Off 🏋🏼‍♀️ 135 for 5 #VC:Frankk


3 month Progress: Down 7% Body Fat, Weight has stayed the same, I have gone down THREE pant sizes and can't remember the last time my inner thighs didn't touch. I lift heavier, run longer and overall happier (Ask my husband 🤣). As most people I'm a results driven person so when I see exciting progress in just 3 months it makes waking up at 3:30am everyday worth it. I get asked ALL the time why I go so early? Well from 3:30am - 6am I am just Stephanie. I am not a wife, a mother, a sister or employee. I am me, just plain oh Stephanie reflecting and taking control of myself so that I can be a better person once life happens after 6am. I work crazy hours and once I'm home it's just me and my boy trying to get in all the snuggles I missed throughout the day. So working out after work is not an option unless it's running or walking both of which include my son who absolutely adores being on the strand. So here's to my 29th year of life! A stronger and healthier Mama Stephy ✌🏽💃🏽




Tonight’s workout mix is by Sef Kombo (SKRH #040). Check it out on Mixcloud. ✌🏽❤️🎶 📻 #SKRH #london #workoutmix #deephousemusic #soulfulhousemusic #afrohousemusic #UK #LA #losangeles #inspiration #motivation #housemusic


Make Monday memorable. It's a new week! Do something today to move forward #happymonday #newweek #newgoals #motivation #moveforward


Onde os fracos não têm vez!!! 21 dias de treino pesado e personalizado pelo meu top Coach @luna_pedro, somados a uma alimentação sem restrições apenas substituindo de maneira inteligente o que soma na estratégia montada de treino e com foco no meu objetivo (perda de gordura e ganho de massa magra) e claro descanso adequado!! Não tem segredo. Use seu corpo e sua mente ao seu favor que os resultados vem!!💪🏻 #noexcuses #nopainnogain #focoforcaefe #projetopravida #pedrolunacoach #trincanos30


Wake up. Work out


Got it in early, next a little run. #stayactive #runislife #runershigh


Tonight's workout mix is by Sobek for Frequencies of Offering (FOO116). Check it out on Mixcloud. ✌🏽❤️🎶 🔊 #frequenciesofoffering #mixcloud #afrohousemusic #afrotechmusic #housemusic #inspiring #motiviation #gymlife


No se lo pueden perder hoyyyy @premiosdelacalle2017 en unas horas mas, compren sus boletos yaa no te quedes fuera @rbmusicoficial @ricardo_bobadilla_ @renatoentertainment @radioimponentefm


jus cause its been a min [peep that vein]