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RIP Summer 2016


Growing up with a mom who was a Dean at Sac State and a dad who started his own dentistry practice, I always had the importance of education emphasized to me. Although neither my family nor I wanted to sit through a long commencement ceremony (hence why I have no gap and gown pics), I am proud to say that I have officially graduated college with a double BA in both Cinema&Digital Media and Communication🙌🏼 it would have not be possible without the amazing love and support of the 2 best parents ever🐼 Incredibly blessed that they adopted me from Hong Kong 21 years ago and indefinitely changed my life for the better. I genuinely can’t imagine where or who I would be without them💖 #graduation #family #ucdavis


Vintage Harley Davidson Enthusiast Indonesia...... (Kita Semua Akan Hadir)


Proverbs 27:17


Afternoon cruise with my #Roxy


Today we're moving all my stuff over to the apartment (except mahself). It's been an amazing few months, a tough few months, but more than anything humbling. It's a blessing I don't deserve being able to experience so much love from our friends and family in this time. Our fridge is covered with notes--every corner of our place is a reminder that somebody is rooting for us as we kickstart our life together. To everyone who has been a part of this in any way: we are so grateful. Blessed to the brim and then some 🖤


Two separate vehicle extrications on the same South Sacramento street in the last 24 hours. Please slow down and use caution when driving! #arivealive #truckops #vehicleextrication #firefighter #firefighting


Initiating immediate charge can start right at your local levels of government, state, city and county! Gathered with some extraordinary movers and shakers in the city of Sacramento for the Re-election of Councilman/ Vice-Mayor @rickjenningsd7 We say GO Rick Jennings for Sacramento District 7. #vote #voterickjennings #june5 #buildblackyouth


I was just skimming through my photos finding ones unworthy of being on my phone any longer and found this one. I forgot about it, it was back in the spring going for a walk to the river for a great Sacramento/California sunset with my big brother @trevlee. I love moments like this one


Today’s project: Takedown this awful pink 🌸 wallpaper and prep the room for painting. #seanfischerpainting #residentialpainting #sacramentopainter


My Bubbus💙💙


Thanks Mom for taking me to the #DogPark today before it got too hot. Crank that AC, I’m just going to chill. I’m a #HappyDog


Chillen at my grandmas house.... p.s I stole zoey’s bone and I’m really enjoying it 😝😎 . . . #itsjorjabelle #grandmashouse #nylabone #sacramento #pocket


Great Day to celebrate Sydney ♥️