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5130 Cherry Ave Ste 50 - Places nearby

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pre-photoshoot meal / annual hangout with the one and only @tianrun


O o 🐟🐟🐟 . This poke place had pineapple🍍& mango as toppings which is always a bonus!


Always get the large... ALWAYS.


Apologies for my hiatus. I underwent a brief retirement to nurse a debilitating left thumb injury which rendered me, despite my unquenchable thirst to review great food, unable to pump out content to all the dear @alanandpatricksfoodblog followers. I come to you live from the depths of San Jose in the Fang household which so graciously housed me during this Thanksgiving weekend. For dinner we went to PokéHouse (I had to Google Pokémon and copy paste the é for that). This was my first non-McCarthy dining hall poke, and it was quite tasty. However, I was truly blown away by the fiscal savings of our experience. I ordered a bowl with salmon, spicy tuna, scallops, and every single free topping available except wasabi because I do not hate myself. To add savings, the real MVP superfan @emolyy.vu pulled some strings and got us half off our whole order. A true Black Friday experience, we left with our bellies full and our wallets even fuller. It was a real delight returning to the food blog game and I treasure each precious follower of ours that called for my return. Food: 5/6 Frugality: 5.5/6 Fans: 10/10 -a


First time at this poke place and it was amazing! I will definitely come back here again 💕! #eatwithmuey


Get tuna in your poke bowls to add omega-3 fatty acids to your daily diet! 🐟


Feee avocado in return for a yelp review??....you know the way to my heart @poke.house Happy soft opening! I’ll be there all the time now that you’re down the street.... 😱😍 #avocadoforthewin #pokehouse #softopening


Finals are over!! Time to treat myself! - but jess, you've been treating yourself before and durin- can't hear you over my food. . . . . . #sjfoodies #pokebowl #sweetunagi #salmon


Poke heaven...


Poke Bowl Time 🍲


Poke house for dinner😋🍣🍚 Super yummy🙌🏼 It has salmon, spicy tuna, garlic tuna oyster with all kinds of vegetables..... @poke.house Thanks hubby😘 #dinner #thankshubby #yum #pokehouse #spicytuna #favorite


my favorite poke bowl~ mixed salad greens, green onions, cucumber, edamame, mango, avocado, salmon, slivered almonds with house miso dressing😋


It’s a good day when you find a new #pokebowl and it has even more toppings than the last spot you went to! Got 4 different types of seaweed, 4 different types of fish and a mega-amount of veggies in this bowl of goodness. To make sure I’m staying #glutenfree, I bring my own #coconutaminos in with me and have them mix it into my bowl! That way I don’t miss out on the sauce.. + Extra points go out to this place because they had BOOCH on tap and zucchini noodles!! Side note* the wind almost blew my bowl away but not before I snapped a photo 😂📸🌬 #nutrientseeker #dorkofalltrades