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@m2tactical with the cool animation of my @ryanvillopoto shot today 👍


Showtime!!! Different smells and sounds than normal! @ryanvillopoto @sleetdawg #straightrhythm #redbullstraightrhythm #2stroke


The “Fantman” getting another #EB angle of @crtwotwo machine. Would have been cool to see him race it. #dirtbikemagazine #twostroke #redbullstraightrhythm


@ryanvillopoto #2stroke action today 📷 me @racerxonline @alpinestars


Almost go time here at straight rhythm! Nice to be out here with one of the best guys ever to put a leg over a bike! @ryanvillopoto @husqvarna_usa @fxrmoto @alpinestars @bell_powersports @oakleymotorsports @scott_burtness


@stankdog726 slaying the competition tonight @redbull Straight Rhythm on his @motosporthillsboro @billspipes backed @ktmusa ! 📷 @tfant612


Almost got my head shaved at @redbull #redbullstraightrhythm 😂😉😜 #motocross #redbull


Some good racing tonight at #redbullstraightrhythm 📷me @racerxonline


#octoberfest2017 🍺 🇩🇪 🤘🏽


Red Bull straight rhythm event was amazing!


"How do we make more female friends?" & "We need more girls in our group!!" -1st year us problems


Someone had a great time at Red Bull Straight Rhythm last night hanging with his cousin and uncle at work 🙌🏼 • • ✨There is a special sense of community with in the dirt bike world that is so unique. I love that hayden gets to experience events like this to see hard working people come together to make a dream come alive not only for the riders but also for all the people that love the sport. ✨ • • Thanks to aunt whit @mrsdungey for arranging a fun night! ❤️


A good night at #RedBullStraightRhythm for @sean_cantrell as he finishes second overall in the lites class!


Corn maze


Las Chao-Moya Celebrando a Eva Moya (Todavia no tenemos mas fotos😝)


'Ruthless Annie' Ruthless lovers cut the ties that bind December embers, November land mines Smoldering eyes that burn my skin like cigarettes Stiletto kisses that trace down my neck I have waited and wandered and aspired to this Living room vapors, scented oil spring sets My mind is in the gutter and I haven’t even had my coffee yet I want to fuck you til you’re black and blue I want to fuck you and I have never even smiled at you Caution, caution, people playing with fire Ashes scatter, scattered, used to be girls and boys But now they are dirt, mud, dust like me I am ash, spreading rising falling like your breath There was no sign of you, as I wandered around I looked for you under stones and down the throats of the drowned I looked for you in roses growing by the side of the road “I asked for this longing”, I said under my breath To taste the flesh of your lip Aching like a violin string, taunt, gripped black like magic my mood was then You took a cab, Annie, and left me again #poetry This poem is included in my first volume of poetry Nadine: Love Songs for Demented Housewives, available on Amazon and wherever books are sold 💕🖤


We wake up to the eye of the tiger almost everyday! So when he heard this playing he pulled away from me and ran towards the speakers! HAHAHA! Thank you to the stranger who caught this glimpse of why I'm so wealthy! ❤️ look at that booty! I certainly got my hula dancers! lol #trust #lovemylife #ownmytime #gotime