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Swipe left💊see why they always book the boy😍🔥


I killed it on my final practicum! I’m so incredibly proud of this dish. Tortellini en brodo filled with homemade ricotta, cauliflower, Cornish hen, Tuscan kale and prosciutto in a highly flavorful broth.


On our blog: eight wonderful remedies for stress, sleep and inflammation support that aren’t CBD! Don’t get us wrong, we’re in love with #CBD as much as the next person. But it’s not always the right supplement for some people, AND there are so many other amazing remedies that can help support your needs - including when taken alongside CBD! Check out our blog post (link in bio) for more details, and also make sure you look as #fierce as Stephanie does when taking any herbal tincture.




Love everything about this sign #youhavegraphicchops #mbta


continually validating my own existence ((as reflected in dirty mirrors,,, b/c digital representations of our corporeal beings are the only measure of livelihood and substance these days ... how may we validate existence via thought ? does anyone care ??


Do you dare to #ShakingHot? 🔥 📸:@thehungry_hygienist


me + my painting


Our number eight restaurant, @yumegaarukara, is a noodle shop hidden in a college food court that makes one thing (and one thing only). But once you taste the profoundly flavorful niku (beef) udon—made with the silkiest homemade noodles @andrewoknowlton has ever slurped—it won’t matter. Head to the link in our profile to learn how chef Tsuyoshi Nishioka (a former comedian!) makes the best udon in the country. #BAHot10 📷: @elizabeth.cecil


Jake upped his presentation game just for me!


Underappreciated goth zone in Porter Square. #naturalfilter by street lights and a glowing billboard advertising the Cambridge Health Alliance, provider of my psychiatric care 🦇


Parking consideration has been granted for The Art of Hope at @hopecambridge From 4pm - Midnight on 1/18 for all of Orchard and Beech. See you in a few hours!


#resolution2019 - And that #buddha to remind us “Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment’ #mudra #vitarkamudra #buddhismquotes Happy weekend!


Spice bois.


Never ever gonna give you up, I’m never ever gonna doubt you...