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The oats may have exploded today and left quite a mess (lol @ my life😫) BUT it’s always worth the struggle for this midday hanger saver🤤👏😇 ▫️▫️▫️ Today’s coco mashup: 1/4c oats cooked with 1/4c zucchini, 2 egg whites, cinnamon 〰️ half @squareorganics (hiding underneath) 〰️tbsp or two of @tedpeanutbutter 〰️half banana 〰️1/4 cup @kashi choc crunch cereal🤤🍫 (s/o @margibwell for this topping😙💕) 〰️1/2 cup Greek yogurt added post pic! ▫️▫️▫️ Have a wonderful Thursday my loves, there’s a full tutorial on my story for those still confused😉❣️First test of grad school tomorrow ahhhh WISH ME LUCK😬📚📝


Malted Buttercrunch ice cream cake, now available for special order 🍰


It’s socks with mules season 🤞🏼


Got to quench my thirst of lobster yesterday in Portland Maine, something I day dream about. S/O to @highrollerlobsterco


Almost spooning 😻 #snugglebuddies


#tbt surfing in Portland-Main... . . . #surfer #usa #portlandmaine #influencer #menwithtattoos #physique #actor #nyc #tbt


WHY INTUITIVE EATING ISN'T WORKING . I tried intuitive eating for years. I wanted to be able to do it SO badly, but whenever I did I ended up feeling like shit. I'd gain weight, my skin would break out, & I was constantly bloated and exhausted. _______________ You're doing it all wrong. You can't intuitively eat Oreos and Ice Cream. Why? Because these foods aren't natural! They are man made, and our bodies were not created to process these kinds of foods! As humans we evolved to eat a certain diet. The "human diet". Just like a cow's natural diet is grass (not corn), our natural diet is things that grow (plants and animals). Unfortunately I have never seen an Oreo tree in my life😂 . Because these foods aren't natural for you to eat, your body will not respond well. They will trigger cravings, over eating (whether you realize it or not) and what I like to call "false hunger". You might be feeding your body the calories it needs, but your missing all the nutrients. When you're lacking in the nutrient department you're body will ask for more food, even if you've had plenty to eat, because your body is still missing something...vitamins! . This doesn't mean intuitive eating isn't possible though! I now eat intuitively everyday and feel & look better than I ever have! This is because I discovered my proven program Fat Adapted Babe. When you shift your metabolism to burn BODY FAT for fuel, and eat the right kinds of foods, you can eat intuitively AND get results. Do want food freedom AND a banging body? . YOU CAN HAVE IT ALLLLLLL! Send me a DM or request a free consult for coaching in my bio❤ . What are your thoughts on intuitive eating? Love it? Hate it? Never tried it? Let's chat!👇 . #FatAdaptedBabe #FABprocess


T minus one month until I move! Fingers crossed stress doesn’t kill me beforehand 😂👋🏻📚 #tattoomodel


Kate’s Dill Motel. Sub cukes, ordered on the phone. Pro moves from a Rose professional.




September Story Challenge Day 12! Unusual Definitely the most unusual, for me, form of storytelling that I engage with lately is videogames. Especially horror games. I don't really play videogames, and for the most part I don't really like horror, but there's something about the two of them put together that just makes for really thrilling and engaging storytelling. Or maybe it's just Richard's influence, I don't know. I've actually been thinking about making a video on this topic, so more thoughts to come, perhaps? #septstorychallenge #videogames #horror #horrorgames #bookstagram #theevilwithin #residentevil #silenthill #notagamer #somearefuntowatchtho #storyingames #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writerscorner #simplethingsmadebeautiful #literature #readerlife #readersofig #readersofinsta #readersfavorite #instawriters #writersconnection #igwriters #bookishfeatures #writerlove #bookstagramfeature #readersunite #readersofinsta #bookgeek #readerslife


The lighting in here is great. I can’t wait to come back! #precolonoscopyselfie #colonoscopy #medical #hospitalbed #tired #hungry #iphonex #square


Sunset seen from a rooftop bar in Portland ✨🌅🍻 #whyaretherenorooftopbarsinburlington


Just got a job serving at a sushi/hotpot spot today!!! Woooo!!! After a long job search on my bike, I now know the streets of Portland decently well lol 👌


Hands up of you’re happy tomorrow’s Friday 🙋🏽‍♀️


eyes of the cosmos #handpoked