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simply amazing 🌹


Monday? Saturday? It’s summertime in Maine, it doesn’t matter. #sunsoutbunsout


PORTLAND! It’s here! Outdoor seating on the quad at CTB High 🌴🌴 Every night that its 🌞 Vietnam is a tropical country - phở tastes best in the heat 🔥


It has been a busy month of botanical painting! This one was hard to get a finished photo of, but I love the way that the light and shadows filter through the tree and become part of the piece. Thank you @ilmalopez for the invitation, and thanks @baxterkoziol & @lilbeebasedgoth for the fancy brushwork 💅🌺✨


A lot of people have been asking me where I find my motivation. My inner strength and fitness motivation doesn’t come from working out at the gym. My strength comes from lifting myself when I was knocked down. fitness makes me a really happy person and motivates me to keep my life focused and balanced. I didn’t come from money, gifts of opportunity, or lucky breaks. I spent most of my childhood being super bummed out, eating my school lunch in bathrooms and empty classrooms, avoiding social situations and the drama that came along with adolescence. High school was a low and I was eager to invent myself as an adult. After graduating high school I worked full time throughout college and focused on my future. Sure, it’s been super fucking hard at times, but you have to keep lifting and reaching. When you are complacent, pull yourself further. My motivation comes from my passion to never feel finished. (PS- it is okay to reinvent yourself. We have one life.)


Cookin’ up genius in the lair of Master of Damascus Steel @jasonmorrissey.


Simply Vegan by Silly’s opened on Saturday. The 9-seat cafe and market is located at 68 Washington Ave where they serve a menu of vegan soups, toasts, salads, sandwiches and drinks, as well as Silly’s vegan Triple Layer Chocolate Cake. Simply Vegan opens Wednesday through Sunday at 9am. #portlandmaine #vegancafe #mainevegan


We were the Main(e) attraction of the trip


Katherine Bradford talk tonight 💕💕💕


Looking at Portland. #tattootime


Inspiration and outstanding pizza in Old Port..... Portland, ME


Not sure about this face, but we are sure about these treats! So far we haven’t seen any stomach upset from these @earthbornholistic #grainfree #glucosamine & #chondroitin bites. As far as treats go, they contain a pretty decent amount of supplements, so for that alone I would say they’re worth it. Even better is the Texture and how sturdy they are! These are not moist or crumbly treats, and they break in half very easily. I would say these have to be a new top choice for mid to high value training treats.


Starting to feel better, trying some new “cones” and relocating


loves of my fucking LIFE


In progressive sleeve on @natenappi