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You wouldn’t believe how many people visited Portland to see the Maine attraction this weekend⚓️ #maine #blakeandjakesadventures #springhassprung




Ten years ago today at 7:17am he announced himself to the world starfish style at FULL VOLUME. His birth immediately catapulted me into a world of sore nipples, post-partum depression and joy so big it could burst a heart. Sidney has taken me on the wildest ride of my life. And as the oldest soul in the house, he’s done it with sensitivity, charm and humility. How lucky am I to call this boy my son. Happy 10th Birthday Sidney 😭🎉🎂. #DoubleDigits #JustShootMe #LoveHim #Circa2014


2011 mereka bertanya.


Bill Murray offering life lessons, vocals lessons, wine, great seafood and even tipped the driver tonight at the best restaurant in town. Thanks Portland, Maine! See you tomorrow at the @portcitymusichall


About two days late but happy earth day to this pretty lady we live on. This is a throw back to our favorite trip to Maine and the lobsters we ate (because lobsters are a part of the earth too). This trip made me recognize my inclination to travel, I love places that make you realize how tiny your problems are. I think it is important to experience all that the world has to offer. I mean, without doing so are you truly living or are you just existing? To this beautiful planet, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for me! 🦋



Still got it after all these years 💁 . . . Photo © Maine Memory Network


Maine’s in a good mood ☀️ this week and so are we! Grabbing some 🐟 for the grill and celebrating the discovery of these adult saddle shoes by @eastlandshoe. 🤗 (I’ve been looking for navy saddles forever!!)


When windows are more important than the word. . . . . #notaghostsign #paper #redbrick #cityscape #bluesky #portland #portlandme #maine #newengland #pomeroyphoto


Our neighbor Botto’s Bakery has this fundraiser running until the end of the day tomorrow! Get your orders in! #cupcakes #cancersucks


Taco tuesday in the sun ☀️


Peace be my home leave trouble and battle outside my doorways reclaim those things when leaving here rests God's peace


t o m m y 🐓 this is Tommy, she is a Leghorn chicken and she is about to celebrate her 3rd birthday! She can be a bit of a mean old bird but that’s only because she is the leader of the pack and has she’s been thru some serious shizz. When Tommy was younger, she and her sisters were attacked by a fox. 3 of her hen sisters were taken but Tommy and 2 of her sisters, Ruby and Peggy, were spared, but Tommy was severely wounded. The predator had pulled each of the chickens from their enclosure and when they went to grab Tommy, she fought back, which resulted in her wing being torn ALMOST all the way off. She was bleeding and her poor wing was dragging. We did some research and called a vet, it was not looking good. Everything said the same thing, she would die from infection if an animal didn’t get to her first. We were told the only humane thing to do was to put her down. EFF THAT I remembered that growing up a family friend kept chickens. He had showed me once, that when you hold a chicken upside down, all the blood rushes to their head and they think they are dead. I figured if we could get her still, maybe we could amputate the wing. Bert’s Dad (thankfully!) turned Tommy upside down and just as I remembered, she froze. Bert took a pair of scissors and by the grace of this universe made a clean cut on the first try. She was bleeding really bad. I could hear Bert yelling for me to bring out flour (I went in the house to watch from the window, I couldn’t keep it together-this is also the part in the story that I usually joke about needing the flour to fry her up-I know, I’m sick). We covered her with flour to help stop the bleeding and it eventually worked! We put some antibiotics in her water with a little colloidal silver and day by day she got better and stronger and is still here with us today! All. Animals. Matter. • • • • • #plantbased #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #veganfood #vegetarian #govegan #crueltyfree #veganism #organic #veganfoodporn #vegansofinstagram #veganlife #hclf #dairyfree #rawvegan #cleaneating #healthyfood #bestofvegan #veganlifestyle #raw #vegangirl #wholefoods #chickens #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #hens


@portlandempire #thegreatopenmic last night 📷: @jessshench





Still Life Photo Paper 24”x34” 2018



Portland City Hall at night. #portlandmaine #maine #cityhall #lights #colorful #beautiful