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hi i'm lonely🤷🏽‍♂️ be my frend ¿?¿?


Sitting here at the bird sanctuary where we all feel you the most. I hope you're having one hell of a celebration up there, happy birthday angel 👼🏼💛


Squats ‘n Arms on the reg ... 🐍 #sexycops #smackdownlive #fashionpolice @rootsoffight


Don’t walk away.... get out there and smile- it’s contagious and worth spreading


Tomorrow 10/21, Swish, our cold-season DIPA, returns. This beer has a magical, unforgettable taste, and will take you places. CASES: 460 Swish at 3 4pk per person 120 Substance at 2 4pk per person TIMES: 11am CANS-ONLY sales at 6 stations 12pm - FULL-SERVICE with 12 taps (including Swish) merch, etc FOOD: @urbansugardonuts on-site at 9am in front of Stroudwater @thehighrollerlobsterco on-site at 11am inside @bigjschicken as always at 11am FUN HAPPENINGS: Be sure to pick up a bottle of @stroudwaterdistillery THE BELFRY, a whiskey aged in AWFS16 barrels! Smooth with maple and vanilla hits! This debuts tomorrow as well at 10am at Stroudwater. We are psyched to welcome @livemaine to the brewery for a pop-up! Stop by their table in the taproom and outfit yourself.... See you tomorrow! #bissellbrothers


We laughed way too much last night over the phone ❤️. Here's a different perspective 😝 . . Gah! DOIMISSYOUORDOIMISSYOU 😭 . . #MyMaine 👫


Saturday! Bagels are just out of the oven!


First one in 🐸


Shootin corn & shootin the shit


Coffee's on. Come hang for drop in open studio today. We're ready for you 🎃




Finally off after 127 days in constant motion. Thanks to everyone on the celebrity summit for teaching me so much and making it feel like a home away from home. #cruisecelebrity #celebritysummit #homebound #thankyou


Time traveled to 19th century Portland. Why can’t I stay? #yawriter #writerslife #maine #writerfieldtrip