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Super thankful for my creative contacts like @zen_sgphoto for helping me produce memories like this 🦁💕. . . . #supportcreators #supportart #creativecouples #altcouples #bodypositivecouple #m99plugs #empowerment #marvel #spiderman #loveyourbody #selflove #bodylove #inked


Skatey on his snowy while filmin' on a skatey? You betcha! Portland, come watch @erikleon_ on the big screen TOMORROW! @melodrama__movie tickets available at @evoportland & @usoutdoor $5!!!! 📹: @marty_mcstark


When you think of the word priestess what comes to mind? Maybe video games, fairytales, or some new age woo woo idea. In reality, a priestess is in service. She acts as a conduit for spirit to move though her and finds her individual mystery she answers to. She serves selflessly while also keeping boundaries. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I am a primal, practical, love filled priestess who is completely devoted to my path - ever deepening my service to humanity and something higher. What I experienced this weekend was mind blowing and humbling and filled with purpose. And although the path is intense, sometimes you get to temple dance with a snake named Athena and have the best meditation and connection ever. Big love xo


Much love 💕💕 @leafly for awarding our #mendobreathf2 🥇 #firstplace in their recent ranking of “the most amazing flowers in oregon”. We are humbled to have been rated amongst the best farms in Oregon 🙏🏽🙏🏽 @gagegreengroup @the.avid.dabber #pistilpoint #genetics #growops #oregon #willamettevalley #og #kush #cookies #growwithapurpose #thisiscannabis


Dear Sister Davies: You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Oregon Portland Mission in January 23rd!!!! I can’t even describe how incredibly happy I am to start this next journey of my life!! I feel so blessed for this opportunity and can’t wait to serve the amazing people of Portland!!💗


Thank you Portland. That was fun! Eugene, OR you are next! @siriusxm @siriusxmcomedy @revolutionhall @mcdonald_theatre #hobofabuloustour #thecraigfergusonshow


First Pendleton of the year, thanks to @silverscreenidol. I can't wait for 49er weather to be every day! 🍂🍁🍂 (trousers are made by @sarahulrike and shirt is Elsie's) #truevintageootd #vintage #1940s #1950s #pendleton #longliveElsie #1950slogcabinlesbian #vintageclothing #vintagependleton #portland #plaid


Hi guys! We’ll be in San Francisco from Oct. 9th - Oct. 13th and we’ll be at Corgi Con! ❤️Who’s all going? @overlanddoggear @shopdogthreads @thecorgicon



Please pardon the quiet! This little family (plus Kubs, not pictured) has been moving this week, and being the crazy person I am, have needed to nest (HARD) before I can fully get back to reality! BUT!!!: I posted a new YouTube video on Sunday about our recent backpacking trip (minus Jenny, pictured here), if you missed it, the link is in my bio, check it out!


An update on my travel booking: I still have some availability in both New York & Los Angeles, I am currently booked in San Francisco & Philadelphia, but will be making a cancelation list if you missed it and would still like to get tattooed if someone cancels let me know!


Because it is a statement I agree with, one I relate to, and can’t stop thinking about it while I’m out, via my in tune homie Freddy @headlock . I personally think it is absolutely ok to depart, ramble, float, and journey not knowing what it is you are looking for. As someone conditioned to hustle, grind, plan, and eek out a living being creative, it is incredibly difficult to leave security, safety, predictability, and the “known”. We’ve all had physically and/or emotionally crushing moments in our lives that shift how we perceive our time and position on this spinning rock. Especially in regards to how and where we fit into it. I’d be lying if I said that’s not what this trip is about, at least in part. Searching, but not knowing what you’re searching for is one of the most unsettling, and liberating things I’ve ever done for myself in my young life. Every time the “so what are you looking for” question is posed it reinforces(for myself) that purpose is created by movement, of any kind, trial and error, finding what clicks best for you, and you alone. It’s done by doing it, not by waiting for it. When the unfamiliar, the unknown, and the roads you’ve never been down start to feel like home, you’re doing something right. I hope that no matter for how long, whether that’s a day or two away, or alternatively in trying something new within your passion that may be nerve wracking for you, you do it. Progress starts with the self, and it’s a-ok to not know where you’re going. There is no right answer. As long as it’s not backwards, it’s forward. So keep those feet on the ground, and always keep it moving, up, down, and side to side, but never go back. It’s worth it. On the move, Alex & Amy 🛣🏔


This December will mark the debut of “Demi”, an unforgettable comic story by artist Lenny Culp. Be sure to check it out in Miss Anthology 2018! #comics #anthology


We play for the passion of the dancers. 🧡🎤ZUN ZUM🎤🧡


Don’t be a chump.. Support your local budtender! 🌱✨💚 @deschutes.growery and @electriclettuce_ ✌️


another work of art this time including the artist herself 💕🕷🔥 #spiderweb #spider #oregonspiders


Perfect snail shells #snails #escargot #eaterpdx #natureart #pnwonderland


While this is my Crafty Journal sharing IG, I am also a Pastor’s wife excited to share my husband’s newest book that released this week! I think it will be helpful for those who find themselves confused in this crazy time we live in! ♥️