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I just released 2 new videos with an incredible summer offer - check it out in the link in bio 🙂🎉


a quick reminder to take time for your mental health - stay in touch w yourself, know your limits, accept that you’re human and need breaks. From work, from play, from friends, from reality, from responsibilities, etc. Take a break, hit the reset button and come back refreshed and ready to chase your goals/dreams. I also recommend a little whiskey - it always helps. xo


What’s upppp Portland 👋🏼


Toda honra y gloria es para ti señor!☝🏽⚽️🔝


Deuces Portland✌🏼💗


I don’t think there’s much sweeter in the world of small business ownership than being able to sit in your shop after hours and meditate with gratitude and thankfulness for all of the blessings you’ve been given. I was just recalling years ago when we were so slow we had a bell at the register so that we would know if people came into our shop. I could order a pizza for all of our staff to eat at lunch and we could eat it in peace with literally no one walking in. And if someone did walk in, we had to answer questions like: Where are the donuts? What is matcha? What is chai? Why would you put honey in a latte? Also, honey and salt on a donut sounds weird. Ha! It’s really been quite an amazing ride and I just want to thank you guys for supporting the little mom and pop that does life and business on our own terms. -Nate @pipsmobile @pipsoriginal @singingsandspdx #communitynotcompetition


Sisi loves me <3


Simba’s lucky that his human got sake educated by @namazakepaul! #saketome #animalsinbowties


💕pure love💕



7am grind


Hiii good morning! Happy dayyyyy!!! I believe in you and your wildest dreams 💕


Workday view. Love those clouds


Fire, Smoke & Meat #portland #feast #yummy #hot


I have had an excess of fruit, veggies and puff pastry in my house, so I have started making Pop Tart style pastries of all flavors to use everything up. In the last 2 days I have made Oregon Berry Jam Pop Tarts, Caramel Apple CBD Apple Butter Pop Tarts, Pecan Cookies, CBD Heirloom Tomato Pasta Sauce, and Vegan Ranch Dressing. • Next week I want to have a little bake sale, so if any Portland pals want to buy some Pop Tarts, let me know! I can't and shouldn't eat these all myself.....but I wanna. • #poptartlandia #potlandia #portland #bakesale #cbdoil #edibles #munchies