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Started in this game as a youngnnn. never have I ever given any energy to hate. And I still don’t. (Thank you dad) A lot of y’all be thinking I care about people who hate on my sh*t. The only person that gotta f*ck wit what I put out is me tbh. Everyone got an opinion. It’s 2019! & da checks are cashing regarddddlessssss✌🏽 those who hate cannot create. peace, love and nandos


Obrigada por me por um sorriso no rosto! Tenho a certeza que estou me boas mãos.@dramarisazenha #saudeoral #sorriso #puma #personalofthestars


Força Porto! Uma mensagem para hoje? 🔵⚪ ⚽ GD Chaves-FC Porto (19h) #FCPorto #GDCFCP


Another Casa da Música hit with only a few days left out here filming for my @xgames #realbmx edit.. | 🎥: @peteradam


Que nunca deixemos de sonhar 🙏🏾


Ia falar que hoje é aniversário do bebê da casa, mas a Lola tomou o seu lugar 🤭 feliz aniversário e que você realize todos os seus sonhos e saiba que em todos eles, eu estarei aqui vibrando pelo seu sucesso e sua felicidade. sempre. Te amo ❤️ @lauralucht


Yoga pants become dinner pants when travel - laundry day is tomorrow. Whatveesss!!!


Grande visita , meu querido @zemanelll !


Cheeky burst in the fog yesterday ( not quite full slide as I protect my injury for now) full stealth mode in the prototype boat, some changes needed, though not as many as my rowing! But boy does this feel good!! . . . #rowing #rowingmotivation #rowinglife #rowingrelated #just_rowing #bliss #sendit #rehab #comeback #fog #stealthmode #nelorowing


Cidade invicta 🌟


One of my new favorite cities: Porto, Portugal 🇵🇹❤️plus, meeting some Americans to enjoy the city night life with is always a plus 💃🏻 • 📸 Livraria Lello Library was breathtaking. J.K. Rowling spent a lot of time in this library teaching English & is also said to be inspiration for her Harry Potter Books. 📚 • • • #porto #portugal #views #citiesviews #livrarialello #library #readmore #goals #traveloften #solotravel #livehappy