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I wish we critiqued people’s gas with the same finesse we critique wine: "That last sample was exquisite - strong bodied with a powerful aftertaste" "I'm getting hints of smoked oak" "Have you tried the 1984?" "Mm yes, it's aged well" "I've had so much of it I'm starting to feel light headed" "...I'm afraid this ones corked" "Judith go back to A.A: Arse-aholics Anonymous" 💨💨💨


Okay, I've been blabbering on and on about Italy, but none of it would be possible without my guy. Because he is a badass chef and was asked to join the kitchen team after his internship, I got the opportunity to join him to live together in Italy for 3 months while he finished up the season at his restaurant. He will never brag on himself so I'm going to because he has worked so hard and is absolutely amazing at what he does. Watching how everyone adored him at the restaurant made me feel overwhelmed with pride, but wasn't surprising because that's the kind of person he is. Sharing this experience with him is one I wouldn't trade for anything. Getting to live in Italy is one thing, but doing it with the person I love most is another. I'm so proud of my guy and for making his dreams come true. Grateful to the universe. Grateful for our life. Grateful for my guy. 💙 @maclainthompson #Day2 #ComingHomeCountdown


dance like nobody’s watching


this magical ceremony one month ago today with some extremely special men in my life that always encourage me to do my thing and shine...and make sure I don’t trip and fall 🙈❤️ husband, father in law, and @shay_yarbrough


Bom dia!!! Quem aí também está louco pra conhecer esse lugar?! 🇮🇹 Essa vista do @hotelconcadoropositano é de tirar o fôlego! Uma das mais lindas daqui! 😍❤️ ah!!! Estamos amando as mensagens de vocês! ph: @lucaspinhel


Migas Jade e Jess, se preparem que vai ter "open bar de frutas" no hotel ahahah mores essa barraquinha além de ter virado quase um ponto turístico entre Praiano e Positano tem as frutas mais delícias da vida!! 🍓🍋🍐🍑


Post Pilates pose. “All Pink” No.2 📷 @brionisaacs This Room was so amazing. All pink everything. #thinkpink #newyorkpilates #honeymooning



The exact moment I realized I get to marry the girl who means everything to me.


My first RF paycheque brought me here - dolce vita


Best hotel stay ever! #positano #italiandays #ilsanpietro


#positano #hotelview


This. Every morning. @lesirenuse 🍒🍰🍧🍑 #breakfastheaven #lesirenuse #styleshivertravel