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My mind is somewhere else 🧠🌏 @chrisgilman_ is going to be making more dope videos like this so check his work out if you like videography(LINK IN BIO) 🎥 #Smeek #film #youtube #video


..but then we won on black ♣️♠️


heard it’s going to snow tomorrow


Sorry for being closed today 😫! To make up for it we're going in on some Dunkaroos specials tomorrow: Filled Dunkaroos, Chocolate old fashioned Dunkaroos, Dunkaroos "sandwich" on a cut and filled old fashioned, and of course the OG Dunkaroos brioche 🙌🏼 #PVDonuts


Baby when I tell you I just got my whole life!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Nailedit #AS4 #promo


Baked Pasta looking a little too good. 🔥🔥 #DEVOURPOWER 📷: @chewyorkcity


GUYS!! Me, @tylerfalcoa & @ryanfalcoa just dropped a lyric video for “LUST”! I think you guys are gonna love it, please let us know what you think about it!!😍❤️ #LINKinBIO ทุกคนคะ!! พชพ.เพิ่งปล่อยเพลงใหม่ค่ะ!! อิอิ เพิ่งอัพ lyric video ลงช่องเลยยย อยากให้ทุกคนได้ไปฟังกันนะค้าาา แล้วมาเม้นกันด้วยน้าว่าชอบกันมั้ยยย😘❤️ #ลิ้งอยู่ในโปรไฟล์ค้าบบบ


Per your request, introducing the Cold Brew Case. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Our signature cold brew coffee in a 96 ounce insulated traveling case. Choose between our regular cold brew or the Dark Horse, our cold brew concentrate, back by popular demand. Order online via the link in our bio and choose your pick up date at @thenitrobar_ for the holidays. Friday 11/16- Thursday 11/22, (before 11: 30 a.m.) Who says you have to drink sh*tty coffee on the holidays? GO! UPDATE**! We’ve had several of you asking to pick up earlier. Pick up date now starts this Friday 11/16- Thursday 11/22.


McGinn’s girls⚔️ #SophomoreArmy


•I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BEING NON-THREATENING• Non-judgemental? Sure. But I’ve spent too many years playing small or holding back for fear of pushing someone too far, for making them go to their edge and confront it. I was giving idiot compassion. I was getting nothing out of it. Part of it was my own subtle fear of full-force truth. Part of it was my desire for harmony. If I’m real with myself I’m denying others, and myself, the opportunity to step up and grow. Leaving us all in a place of stagnancy and complacency. I’m no longer interested in being non-threatening. What other people think doesn’t have anything to do with me, and all I can do is come from my place of truth within. Where are you holding back that you can let a little more truth in?


Most people dread Monday’s😳 I look forward to them because of all these awesome people right here❤️ To be able to talk and see them every week is such a great feeling😍 We are a family and some of us haven’t met in person yet❤️ #fitnessgoal #footballseason #lovemyboys #dads #dadbod #fitcouple #fuelyourbody #dedicated #accountability #livingmybestlife #glamping


Be your best self...Healthy. Fit. Happy. #mixxnaturals #mixxinprovidence #providence #smallbusiness #providencepolefitness


Chilling chilling chilling..... #rhodeisland #layoverlife


💥 New mini matchbox puzzles! 💥The perfect little addition to any gift or stocking stuffer. 🎁 There are plenty of fun and challenges puzzles to choose from! Come check them out along with our holiday sale that runs through December 24th!!! #blickstores #blickartmaterials #blickgift


On my spare time I light up things and do sound and lights for theater shows for the @cdlsteamm where I work part time. I get to test out some 🎤 and do some a little video. I do what I can with the abilities that I have. I figure this anyone this could be anyone in my shoes but God decided to have it be me today! Praise him! @technics_audio old school speakers (20 years old) and CD player (18 yes old), @mefototripods awesome, @onstagestands and @swissbags_ love these products and will stand by them for awhile.


studio corner


Yes ,we are open for thanksgiving 🦃 #pvdeats #pvd #rieats #wickendenstreet #breakfast