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Let's take a walk! #graduation #celebration #lecordonbleu


I hate wine - it was all for the photo. #butilltakefivemojitos #winenot


Typical scene in the neighbourhood around Dublin🍀❤️ #spring #sky #drake #lake #casalemdublin


Forget about the boat race, it's all about the croquet.



Ranelagh Gardens were public pleasure gardens located in Chelsea, then just outside London, in the 18th century. The gardens were so called were so called because they occupied the site of Ranelagh House, built in 1688–89 by the first Earl of Ranelagh, Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital (1685–1702), immediately adjoining the Hospital. In 1741, the house and grounds were purchased by a syndicate led by the proprietor of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and Sir Thomas Robinson MP, and the Gardens opened to the public the following year. Ranelegh was considered more fashionable than its older rival Vauxhall Gardens; the entrance charge was two shillings and sixpence, compared to a shilling at Vauxhall. Horace Walpole wrote soon after the gardens opened, "It has totally beat Vauxhall... You can't set your foot without treading on a Prince, or Duke of Cumberland." Ranelagh Gardens introduced the masquerade, formerly a private, aristocratic entertainment, to a wider, middle-class English public, where it was open to commentary by essayists and writers of moral fiction. The centrepiece of Ranelagh was a rococo rotunda, which figured prominently in views of Ranelagh Gardens taken from the river. It had a diameter of 120 feet and was designed by William Jones, a surveyor to the East India Company. The central support housed a chimney and fireplaces for use in winter. From its opening, the Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens was an important venue for musical concerts. In 1765, the nine-year-old Mozart performed in this showpiece. Canaletto painted the gardens, and painted the interior of the Rotunda twice, for different patrons. The rotunda was closed in 1803 and demolished two years later. The organ was moved to All Saints Church, Evesham. Ranelagh Gardens were redesigned by John Gibson. It is now a green pleasure ground with shaded walks, part of the grounds of Chelsea Hospital and the site of the annual Chelsea Flower Show. #ranelaghgardens #chelseaflowershow #chelsea


It's (always) wine o'clock! #sunday #wine #cheers



ليس من الخطر ان السفينة فى الماء ولكن الخطر ان يكون الماء فى السفينة Tidaklah berbahaya jika kapal berada diatas air. Tapi yang berbahaya jika air berada didalam kapal وجود المؤمن فى الدنيا ليست مشكلة، ولكن المشكلة ان تكون الدنيا فى قلب المؤمن Keberadaan seorang mukmin di dunia tidak masalah. Yang masalah adalah jika dunia berada dihati orang mukmin (quoted)


Well, we’re back at Robin’s safe & sound, returned the car around the corner & preparing for our “Drinks Party” tonight to meet Robin’s friends👍 @kerrieswift @hodgo57


It will take more than a little rain to interrupt your special day at RHC ☔️ you can count on our approved marquee suppliers to provide a sturdy wet weather plan! Marquee: @rajtentclub & photos: @markbothwellphotographer 👍🏼 #RoyalHospitalChelsea #RHCEvents #Marquee #MarqueeWedding #OutdoorWedding #LondonWedding #BritishSummertime #SummerInTheCity #London #LoveLondon