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🙃ǝʌıl 'ʇsıxǝ ʇsnɾ ʇuop



La-la-la-la-lunch 💋 Even though it’s 22 degrees outside, today I fancied something hot, colourful and spicy for lunch. (P.s these photos are filter free... and yes, it tasted just as good as it looks!) 💃🏼🥡 I had @clearspringuk brown rice noodles along with @cauldronfoods tofu bites, vibrant green veggies + some red & yellow peppers all sautéed in a pan with olive oil. I then sprinkled over some crunchy white sesame seeds and really hot slices of fresh chilli! 🌶🌶🌶 x 🔥 My mouth was burning and my taste buds were on fire... but this was so damn delicious. What are you all having for lunch? 🍜🥗🥪🥙🥟🍲 #edasskicker #hotandspicy #lunchtime #noodlesarelife #sodamntasty #veganandproud #veganlunch #tofuobsession


THE ARMY DC FAMILY🙏🏽🔒 . A huge well done to my team and thank you to #heartfm for having us! 📻💚🙌🏽 . The full video is up on my YouTube channel now! 🎥 And and on that note.. let’s talk about YouTube. Sometimes this industry can be a real funny place and with everyone’s extremely passionate but completely different opinions, it’s hard to stay on the straight and narrow sometimes. Now I’m just gunna go in with this one... ☝🏽 . WHY DO WE FILM AT THE ARMY DC? - it might look like we film every second of the day. Wrong. We film 20 minutes every 2 weeks on average. Its filmed professionally and every single student can download it for FREE as a thank you from me for their hard work and love to the rest of The Army DC family but also as feedback to improve for best time - The things people don’t see is the hours and hours of training & online mentoring that goes on behind closed doors. We don’t need to showcase it. That is OUR TIME to train. 💎filming every 2 weeks gives our students something to work towards (a small goal, a small win, it’s all important) 💎people are at my classes for different reasons. Whether it be for enjoyment, to escape reality, to further their pro career, to train seriously, for fitness.. filming gives us all a chance to remember WHY we started doing this in the first place - because we genuinely LOVE IT. 💎praise for performance: where others may get burnt out and feeling constantly put down, we stop that. Yes training can be real intense sometimes, but filming is that 20 minutes out of hours and hours a week to just LOVE IT. 💎family: so everyone can appreciate EACHOTHER and learn from one another 💎to see our own mistakes, improvements, weakness And strengths to improve for next time 💎be proud of yourselves!! It’s hard to say what we do in words, so here it is🤷🏽‍♀️ 💎dancing is an art and learning to interact with an audience & on camera, and live through expression is a skill in itself. . I don’t do it for the views. Seriously. I do it for them. Everyone who wants to film CAN there are no rules. Filming helped me MASSIVELY, performance, confidence, expression on-top or the technical side. All I’m saying, it’s growth. My way.👊




New @hashtagutd game vs Reading Uni 1st Team Up now! What do you guys think, handball?! THE worst referee I have ever experienced, but we didn’t deal with it in the correct way and paid the price! Go check it out and let me know what you think! #it #penalty #football #youtube #uni #instafootball


A quick and slightly random video of @tipozerofourzero’s Speciale sisters from yesterday (it was a very last minute decision/idea to get the drone out), but enjoy! #Ferrari #458 #Speciale #Aperta #HorsepowerHunters


Brand new blonde for this beautiful bride to be 👰🏼💖 . . . . . . . #blonde #wellahair #wellalove #albertfieldshair #goringonthames


Me & cheeky chops 😻. Don’t tell Lola 🙀. #NotMyCat #catsofinstagram


Describe this moment in 3️⃣ emojis. We’ll start: 🏆⚽️🙌🏻 #psschoolscup #photooftheday


#OnFire 🔥🔥🔥 #Reading