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Happy 2nd birthday to the little man that completes us. I never knew a love like this could exist. Your wild, strong, smart, hilarious, super loving ways are going to change this world some day. Watching you change into your own magical human every single day is by far the most rewarding thing ever. I am so thankful to be your mama & literally can’t believe you’re “TWOOOO☝🏼☝🏼” We love you so much tootsies!


Tennis szn ‘18 ⚜️🎾


“She's in love with who I am Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance Now I hit the FBO with duffels in my hands I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah Like a light, ayy, yeah” - Travis Scott ft. Drake (SICKO MODE) 📸 PC: @vincibleman ✨ Instagram Live video later today! Stay tuned! I’m going to talk about the MCG competition and what brought me to this point in my artistic career. Please, continue to vote 🗳 #heathermoni #heathermonique


Do you think too much? Something that I've often struggled with is the habit of over thinking situations, motives, and consequences after I already know what Jesus wants me to do. I know what I need to do, and know He gives me the ability and strength to carry it out, but sometimes we let fear grip us so tightly that we begin to second guess ourselves and the purpose the we have been created with. Stop thinking and start acting out of the faith that whatever God puts before you, you have the ability to do and do well. If you make mistakes, smile and learn through them. If you fall, look up at the One who won the battle for you. Photo by: @kn_styledshoots #minutetomotivate #mindset #passionforfashion #waymenfashion #menwithclass #leathercoat #dapperlydone #gentleman


Tyc Leggings Club is live!! We broke the internet and had some problems initially but I think we are good! Only 100 spots available to start and I think there are about 6 spots left last time I checked. A surprise pair of our amazing leggings for only $44.99 a month. Who’s joining the @tilyoucollapseleggingsclub - - #leggingsclub #leggingsaddict #tycleggingsclub


Going out to the movies🍿🎥 or bringing the movies home🔥☁️☕️? What’s your idea of a fun autumn evening with your littles? • I LOVEEE that Nika is old enough to last through a whole movie and yes I know it’s only halfway through October🎃 but we’re already on our 3rd Xmas movie this month 🤦🏼‍♀️


There is just something about a momma and her son. . . Maybe because when he looks at me I feel like I’m his whole 🌎 even though I know he’s in it for the (•)(•) . . 📸 @toriwiblephotography


Y’all remember when I made the internet mad af 😂😂 wait for it to Air out 😂 can’t wait to build another 4 door car 😈 . . . . . #airlift #bagged #stancenation #stance #lowered #jdmgram #stancewars #bagriders #evo #evo8 #tbt #throwbackthursday


Fall Shopping with Max🖤 Jeans: @fashionnova #9


Afternoon cappuccino. Trying to celebrate fall in 85° sunshine, but a good cup of coffee makes any day better! #cappuccino #latteart #figtree #figtreecoffee


La mia Principessa❤️ #perfectniece #airplanesandtutus #myprideandjoy


We freshened up her look with lowlights for the fall...Thank you Lisa for coming in today! Your the bestest 😍 @iamlisa_2 . #lanzacolor #lanzarpro #lowlights #lanza #iixivsalon #214 #fallhair


Me and my 2 month old babe. #stopgrowing #kaiababy


GOAL oriented #nutrition is something that I believe gets overlooked for #aesthetics far too often. You CAN be #lean and #strong, but knowing how heavy is optimal for you can be a tricky thing. For me, being over 200lbs (which I have been for the better part of the last decade) is NOT optimal for my work capacity / #CrossFit #performance. Last year, my goal was to do well in #BMX and compete in #physique. I did both and was pleased with my results in both. Immediately after my physique show my goals shifted to taking some weight off (I was already 7% Bf as you could see) so I knew I would have to lose some muscle to get “lighter.” That was definitely hard for me to swallow, but necessary. I made the adjustments to my nutrition and training volume (went from 3-4 sessions a week to 5-6), lowered protein intake, and upped my carbohydrate intake. The results of almost a year of this shift are shown in the pic and in the results. I did better this year in the @crossfitgames open than I had in any previous year and I also maintained a sub 10% BF (which was a goal as well). Often, your goals may be on the other side of your comfort zone or even on the other side of your current knowledge base. Learn, hire someone to teach you, and get uncomfortable! Happy Saturday y’all! 🤙🏽


This is Maddie on my moms phone. She has no idea I’m posting this HAHA. But my mom is amazing. She’s beautiful, happy, loving, smart and funny. She has an incredible heart for Jesus, her family and friends. Thank you for being my mom I love you so much❤️😘👏🏼🙌🏼😆😄🐈😘😍😇




Nothing like some Angles golf @morgancreekgolfclub #funday #golfinainteasy #puttinginwork