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- it was a hard, pure tears, happiness and paint splats. But your girl has gone and levelled up🎓 thankful & happiness 💙


FINALLY DONE IT 💸🥂🎉🎊 Finally graduated from university of Westminster, illustration and Visual Communications with a BA honours Degree. and Damn its been long and tough, but you know what it all pays off in the end... to anyone who is yet to go on this journey, trust me, it’s worth it. The things you learn along the way, are priceless... the people you meet, impeccable... all in all I would never trade the last 3 years of my life for anything. Plus man got to graduate with the day one @le3_black 😁🥂 (PS swipe for the worlds best diploma acceptance shooting video lol). #BlackExcellence #WestminsterGrad



Finally Graduated! What a rollercoaster four years that’s been! 😅🎓 But ya girl did it!💪🏼 . . I came out of my Foundation in Fine Art with a Distinction, something I never expected and was determined to complete my degree even though I was urged to take a gap year to improve my health. University life never turned out how I expected it would be. I started my degree still suffering with severe Anorexia, Bulimia, BPD and depression. Spent the first two years pretty much living in hospital and isolated from everyone else. Admittedly I never had that ‘Uni life’ - it was just me trying not to give in to my eating disorder each day whilst attempting bits of coursework along the way. . . I do wish that I could have experienced Uni without an illness and taken advantage of being a student but at the same time living in London gave me the opportunity to recover. Something that means more to me than a bit of paper. Obviously being someone who doesn’t give up, I rejected all the tutors advice to defer or leave and decided to continue with my last year. And I’m so glad I did. Because here I am, with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Fine Art, happy and healthy. ☺️❤️ . . Congratulations to everyone else who graduated and thank you to everyone who has continuously supported my journey 👊🏻 And to those who are still studying, don’t give up!


Graduated again 🎓 Thanks to everyone who made this day (and the last few years) so special and helped me along the way. I am so lucky to have such great friends and family . class of #2k18 💞🎉🎉🎓


Newest Interior Spatial Designer. Hannah has officially secured the bag! Proud of you Habibti.


2:1 Graduate 🎈 can’t wait for next year 📚


#UAL Chancellor #graysonperry looking spectacular in his new #ualgrads robes designed by @lcflondon_ student Yuxuan Yang and structure made by @lcflondon_ lecturer Nicholas Williams. Follow all the action #ualgrads # tag your posts and tweets #UALGrads @patterncutter


GRADUATION 드디어 졸업👏👏👏 학교는 이제 앙뇽 :D - - - #ualgrads #graduationceremony #ual #finally #graduated #officiallyunemployed #yay


感谢赞助商我老妈对我的赞助😂love my lovely family,mom&sister❤️


despite all the downs that come with all the beautiful ups in life, i just graduated with a first class honours degree in set design for screen, and i must admit, that makes me really proud of myself. fuck yeah, the future here i come


全伦敦最可爱的人都来了 ,这大概是最最幸福的事情. #ualgraduationceremony2018


thanks for everyone come to my graduation ceremony!!! #ualgraduation2018 #camberwell #royalfastivalhall


I graduated✨


Amazing who you run into in London, three Axford’s together. It’s been quite a few years Sally and you still are beautiful and of course you to Glen. A great night great company it’s a shame we have to leave the country to catch up. Perhaps an Axford reunion should be organised. A massive thank you Louise and Jason for all the tips in Europe we have enjoyed our time with you both and wish you safe travels. Catch ya all back in Australia 🇦🇺 fair dinkum 🤣😂🤣😂🤣


lol the girlband pic