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Spatula-inspired cookies in honor of a visit from @questlovesfood today! Watch our interview with @questlove in our IG Stories to get the scoop on this spatula design, hear about his biggest kitchen disaster and learn the one dish he ALWAYS orders at a restaurant.


Had a little #somethingtofoodabout day with @williamssonoma- thanks for having me out! 🍴 #questlovesfood #sanfrancisco


Горизонт не завален




Another reason we love SF even more.. so many parks!! 🌳🌞 Not just for kids, but for parents and lolas too!! 😆❤


our last song n yell😢 #SENIORS 💜💛


It's been four years since this image was captured, four years since opening day at 2340 Polk. In those four years, we've welcomed new members into the Saint Frank family - both on the producer side & the service side. We've served countless cups of deliciousness, we've pursued an experience to excite people about how much more enriching coffee can be - all while finessed a barflow for incredible efficiency. And of course, we are incredibly thankful for our people, from our regulars & our guests to our farmers. Coffee without people is meaningless without the people that enjoy it & non-existent without the people that grow it. We're thankful for all of you! Happy four years!


[eyes on the prize] the weekend is almost here // but first IRISH coffee in this cozy sweater // // // #liketkit // #mysf // #sweaterweather // #☕️ // #friyay


#sanfrancisco #Irish coffee #buenavibra #추우니까 한잔마시고 걷기


Songhoy Blues


The long road - Passenger


Talking about the importance of finding joy with the bestie tonight. It’s easy to overlook with goals, plans and the busy day to day. But when you really stop and think, what makes you smile and laugh should be evident. Do more of it. Good reminder. Love you @stayc916 glad you’re here! You are always part of my joy too! ❤️ #findingjoy #laughmore


Random scenes you find walking around the city.


I heard myself laugh tonight. Above the roaring applause of the audience, a few beats ahead of the confident soft chuckle of @chethinks, I heard my laugh. It stumbled (2 drink minimum? Who needs a prerequisite to drinking?) It dusted itself off. It allowed itself to enjoy. It wasn't perfect but it was present and accounted for. God, I needed tonight. 😅 #hundreddollarbillvendingmachinedistraught