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Good times with GREAT PPL @mrswoods1984 Birthday Dinner.


Luckiest man alive @stormwalsh


Let me tell you all something—- the fan base that makes #twdfamily what it is, is very special. And that is evidenced by this group of incredibly kind, loving, generous, considerate, enthusiastic, sincere, caring and FUN peeps right here! We all went out to dinner tonight and we had THE BEST time & awesome conversations and I now have a new, extended family that I adore. Thank you Robin and Colleen— @twdtheblackandwhiteguy, for the warm welcome at @walkrstalkrcon Orlando with your INCREDIBLE artwork and introducing me to YOUR #twdfamily of Kim and Jerry— @krobbins68, David— @theeverydaygrimes and his sweet sis Carinae— @carinae_d. You are all so wonderful and set a stellar example of how fandom is done best— with class, respect, playfulness and mutual admiration. I LOVE YOU GUYS WITH ALL MY HEART. ♥️ 👏🏼 #feartwd @feartwd #ftwd #fearthewalkingdead (Oh! And big thanks to the passerby dude who stopped to help us take this photo outside AND, thanks to the PATIENT staff member at @ruths_chris_indianapolis who hung in there while we had her take SO MANY photos trying to get the light/flash right! 🤪😂😍)


Girls' night out!!!! @simplyophilia @asjahm @missayesham


They can’t stand me bc I’m misunderstood 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Akaversary 💕💕 #4years


Then and Now with a 5-Year Gap. 2012 and 2017


Can’t believe she’s put up with me for a whole year 😮 what a lucky guy I am. Thankful for all you’ve given me this past year and I’m so excited for the love-filled years to come. I love you sweetie. Happy 1 year 😘 (And yes, my steak is 2.5 times bigger than hers 🤣)


A family born not from a bloodline, but bonded in life with a blue line instead. 💙 @robertlenover03 @jessarnes @justinarnes @jakehayn24 @jillian_hayn @bwilliams0493 @redstagbro @_andreabrown @johnbrown2011 @scaffee29 @a_caffee @samgauger @gaugerj1412


Thank you for entering my life and making me happier than I could've ever imagined. 😘♥️ #YouTheBest


Pop in now to try one of our amazing cocktails that's sure to warm you up during this chilly season!


Celebrating @sophie_johnson456 making dean’s list for her first semester at Indiana State. She was given an opportunity and she took hold of it. She surpassed all of my expectations and I could not be more proud of her! My momma heart is bursting with joy for all you’ve accomplished! 💕📓✏️


A wolf 🐺 in sheep’s 🐑 clothing 🖤.. #ReadyToTakeOnTheNewYear • • #2019 #NewYear #NewDay #NewStart #NewRelationships #NewGoals #NewBusinessVentures