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Well, it rained at the beach today but @mvrk_ll managed to get this photo of me posing for a photo lol And yes, my swimsuit is another piece by the ever so talented @frjosewithlove


When you know your MCM is gonna see this 😜😁😜


i don’t like to talk when there’s nothin else left to say 🙊


“I torture you Take my hand through the flames I torture you I'm a slave to your games I'm just a sucker for pain I wanna chain you up I wanna tie you down I'm just a sucker for pain” - Lil Wayne (Sucker for Pain) 📸 PC: @laitography 💕 Today, this album is up on @buttrcupapp ✨ Check it out! 👙 Bikini by @swimxoticswimwear ❤️ Don’t forget to vote 🗳 #heathermoni #heathermonique #bikinimodel


Wow friends, I am so grateful for you and inspired by your passion to reduce plastic consumption and waste. This 'Plastic-Free Produce' campaign all started because of my Saturday morning rant on plastic use grocery stores (see ‘sustainability’ highlights if you missed it). I received more responses than I have ever gotten. We’re talking 200 positive messages and counting. You all rock and have me feeling optimistic about the future - I want to use my degree in sustainable environmental design to enact change in the way we make and dispose of things - plastic being the worst culprit. My friend Jill mentioned that someone she had previously spoken with at @traderjoes said that the only way we might get their attention is for a ton of people to message on the same day with the same purpose. So I said let’s do it. It will only take you a minute or two, and even if we don’t get a response what could it hurt? Hundreds of people responded saying that they were in and I’m thrilled. So it’s on. This Thursday! The next photo is an infographic to share, story size in my highlights. Go to the link in my bio for more information: Okay, so this is where the story gets crazy... 11 hours later, Kyle’s godmother shared a post with me that says October 18th is the International Day of DOing - The purpose is to stop talking and start doing - refuse + reduce plastic @plasticpollutes. So let’s DO something big! Still slightly in shock. This is meant to be. This is my purpose. @zero.waste.collective @breakfreefromplastic #plasticpollution #plasticpollutes #breakfreefromplastic #reducewaste #reduceplastic #zerowastecollective #goingzerowaste


2 photos from the #VinniePaulTribute @aftershockconcert last Saturday. Pustulus + Blothar. 🎸🤘🏼🥁 #GWAR #Aftershock (Photos by @captain_hooks)


I could live my entire life in a bikini and not complain 👙💕 #motivation #bikini #blonde #model #elegantangel #browneyes #tattoo


Because I want their future to be brighter than mine. Thanks for the opportunity @leadingtochange #FridayNightLive 📸 : @bristubbs_


studio time with @righteoushombre 👹 . hmua @jillianwilkey assist @lucasambrosioph


I felt cute today 🤷🏽‍♀️ . . . . . . . #Workflow #SweaterSeason #CaliGirl #LupoLuna #MondayFeels #MixedChic #Luna #SelfieQueen #Work #NoMakeup #Natural #Mixed


Purple mountain- acrylic on canvas board #purple #black #mountain #art #landscape #painting #artist #abstract #water #flower #sky #blue #color



Lost a shoe because of System of a Down #byerothys #soad #👞👠


Funny Pumpkin People #peekingunderthehood


I'm less a fan of the tans and browns in Summer but the second it officially turns Autumn, my eyeballs accept it all as glorious, colorful, beautiful death.