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scottie june today you are 2 MONTHS old. it’s going by so fast, but at the same time it feels like you’ve been here forever. you are the most chill babe- like literally you never cry, you could watch the office all day if you didn’t fall asleep or i’d let you, you’re sleeping 5-6 hours a night, and you have become quite the chatter box. it’s been so fun being your mom baby girl. 💛


Woke up this morning and hopped on my 9th flight in 6 days... and my third trip cross country since Friday🤦🏻‍♀️! Good Mourning” indeed... can you die from exhaustion... asking for a friend...


El show de anoche en Utah estuvo bueno, pero que lo despidan a uno con una papayera escocesa ya es una vaina que me deja sin palabras. Esta noche Houston. 😢


On May 4,2018, Patrick graduated from SUU. He also received multiple awards for his achievements on the football field. One of them being the Male MVP athlete of the entire school. Congrats on all your accomplishments and continue to strive for greatness❤️ I love you P.Tyler❤️ On May 11,2018, I graduated with my masters in Social Work from USC. This made me the first in my family to graduate with a Master’s degree (for now). This year has been great and can’t wait for what is yet to come ❤️


Had an amazing time with this girl at our leadership training in Utah this weekend! Grateful for how we are growing as people as we grow our business 🚀 #lifestyle #workfromanywhere #travel #instatravel #entrepreneur #business #goals #success #personaldevelopment #happywifehappylife #networkmarketing


People be 🤯 about Red Shot. Came across a stash of 10 of these in @nikkidavis4’s closet today, and gotten a dozen messages: what is it? How do I get it? What is it for? What does it smell like? Here we go: . 1. Red Shot is an essential oil blend that is spicy and citrusy. A bit like Slique Essence or Christmas Spirit. It is legit, 100%, without a doubt, or even an instant of hesitation my very favorite tasting essential oil of all time. . 2. This essential oil was originally launched in the 2015 Holiday Catalog, and is usually only available in holiday offerings or specials. Seriously, the next time this oil goes on sale do not stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200...get on your ER order straight away. . 3. Because this oil is so tasty, I typically just dispense it on my tongue. It can be hot on the tongue, so use some caution if you do as I do. It also is epic in Ningxia #showmeyourshot . Best new ever....Nikki told me that I can giveaway one of her bottles at our Club Bash at her brand new restaurant @zulupiripirichickengrille. I’ll also be bringing free NingXia Red, Zyng, and Nitro, and providing snacks! And you know I’ll be gnawing in the vegetarian yums. 🥗 All Club Members and a guest are invited. . Want an invitation to the party? Join the Club! Click the link in my profile @lindseyelmore for all the deets. . Oh and... SLC 🛫🛬NYC . #skymileslife


Dear Utah, We love you, but we are escaping for some family time! (Dear Instagram World...I apologize in advance!) Sincerely, The Bull Family! #takethetrip


SLC➡️PVR here we come!


Can’t believe it’s already over!! #regionalswithdrawals #neverwantittostop Had one of best/most challenging weeks of my life!! I’m gonna miss it but it also makes me so hungry for more next year! Next year in the hunt for the #gamesbound2019 (thank you to all of you that helped make this happen..all of our sponsors, our PIM family & most of all my team) ❤️😢 @powerinmotion @scratchculinary @twistedtree @countryarcher @Xendurance Outfit:@savagebarbell Use code:”SILVERFOX15” for 15% discounts 😱😱😱 #savagebarbell #teamsavage #scottsdale #az #arizona #fitness #fit #livefit #gains #athlete #coach #compete #workout #hardwork #nike #xendurance #fitfam #dreamjob #gym #body #bodybuilding #fitnessmodel #fitnessjourney #motivation #crossfit #grind #regionals


2 hour flight delay, now departing at 1 am.. Doesn't phase these little travelers any more.... But what amuses them is this strange machine. My son and daughter asked "Mommy, what's this?"🙈.... #payphone #thestruggleisreal #travelingwithkids #futuregeneration #saltlakecity #utah


SLC➡️JFK eye flight to the #bigapple 🍎 .... pretty sure the whole #delta terminal is already tired of this #3generations loudmouths 🤣🤣🤣✈️🗽 #nyc #nycorbust #girlstrip #shoptillyoudrop