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776 Terminal Dr Salt Lake City, UT - Places nearby

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My trip to the USA arose when i received an email to be offered the opportunity to race at the @wser . I dreamt of this day for many months, i lived this day for 19hours and then i continued to play on around this country. This race gave me more then a buckle, it created an opportunity to connect and meet so many people. Thank you USA, thank you YOU... it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon!


It’s always a bitter-sweet time of year. Summer 2018 has been good. Excited to see what this upcoming year in Italy has in store! #year5


Finally found an hour for myself to get my vacation nails done...just in time to go back to work. 💅🏼 . . . #manicure #claws #nails #nailsofinstagram #nails💅 #nailart #naildesign


My second time reading this book! “If you fail and you give up, you’re going to be a loser, but if you fail and learn you will be a winner.” @sotomayorshark #mindsetofashark #keepmovingforward #dontstop


he’s home!! 🧡


“Impermanence and death don't wait for us - Every moment, we reach so close to death. Every moment of this life is to prepare for death. Every moment of this life is to free ourselves from suffering. Every moment of this life is to achieve peerless happiness; Every moment of this life is to make the greatest purification; Every moment of this life is to accumulate extensive merit with the thought of impermanence and with the practice of guru yoga, seeing our own mind as one with the holy mind of the guru and the deity, which is the wisdom of non-dual bliss and voidness. This is crazy Zopa's advice for students and friends, forever, until enlightenment is achieved.” Rinpoche is live right now from Kurukulla Center: (link in bio) #lamazoparinpoche #deathandimpermanence


Off to France in search of 🥖 🧀 🍷 with my HUSBAND 🙏🏻❤️🍾 BRB!


being dramatic omw to terminal 1


I had to make a new account because my old one hates me, so here’s a video of me hugging people. I’m a couple weeks late, but it’s good to be home! (Thanks to my brother in law @_skyler_sorensen_ for this video!) 💕


I just hate leaving you 😭😭 #IsItMayYet


Good thing I had my @fieldcraftsurvival minimalist med kit at work today! Almost needed my CATS tourniquet to stop my paper cut bleed! 😂 #pilotlife is rough sometimes! #tribelife #fieldcrafttribe #fieldcraftsurvival #tribepilot #crewlife


Great salt lake at night. Not that impressive.