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Weekend workout #knotteryart 📷 @jessdowner


The first 👌 for #2️⃣3️⃣


Just ya know... making my way downtown 😁💄👠🌹🌈✨


People tell me I should go on Project Runway. If I was as THIS good as @kojocouture, I would. It’s all made w/ paper! My sewing skills are so, so basic & nowhere near this advanced or even 1/10! . . Going off on a tangent...I’ve been thinking about capitalism & materialism. I read an article about why UT mormon bloggers are so vain, materialistic & high maintenance😬, talked to friends whom moved to UT from elsewhere about how keeping up w/ the Joneses seems to be worse in UT(nowhere else do people build new homes in their 20’s & 30’s they said), Jay’s favorite show is The Last Alaskans & he seriously wants to move there for a year because he loves the minimalistic simplicity of their lifestyle(no electronics, internet, car, roads, neighbors, comparison) & being 100% self reliant. We live in this excessive culture where more is better but in reality, all we need is food, shelter, clothing and family & loved ones to be happy. Money does NOT make you happy or better than someone else. And even if we have money, it’s not our money, God loaned us the money so that we can help the unfortunate. If we don’t and mostly spend it on ourselves, we will be judged harshly and our money will be taken away & we will be left poor. I truly believe that. The more is given, higher the expectation, responsibility & harsher the judgement. This is why I don’t envy money or the rich. . . . I’m not sure where I’m going w/ this but it’s been on my mind. Why is feeling the need to keep up w/ the Joneses so prevalent? Do you feel it? Or from others? You want to know why I think the culture of keeping up is bad in Utah/Mormons & of course everywhere else? Because in the scriptures we are told histories & histories of righteous people being blessed & prospering. Then they become arrogant & wicked & God causes a famine or other things to take away their wealth to humble them. So I think subconsciously we connect wealth with righteousness. “If we are righteous, God will give us wealth. Look how wealthy I am, I’m so righteous.” So some focus too much on money, buy homes that are over their budget, go into debt or post online their excessive spendings/lifestyle. What do you think of all this?


No Teddy bears were harmed in the making of this coat


She sure does look good in white. Hopefully she’ll wear it for a while.


It makes me so sad to hear about the heartbreak and pain happening right now surrounding a sport that has brought me so much happiness, so many invaluable people and experiences. I’m so glad that I get to look back at my gymnastics career and remember all of the good in the sport. I get to sit in these seats on the weekends and remember all of the hugs, laughs, and (most of the time) happy tears that happened on and off that competition floor with teammates, coaches, staff and 15,000 red rocks fans. I’m learning that not everyone gets to look back and remember things like that. I wish every gymnast experienced the sport like I did and still do. But I’m so proud to be associated in some very, very small way to brave, strong women who are standing up and making a difference🖤


One year. What can I say that would do this past year justice? Who the heck knows but I’ll give it a try. This year has been one of the single greatest years of my life. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you by my side. You stick with me through thick and thin, even though I tickle you to the point you get mad at me 😉 I love you more and more every single day. Cheers to this past year and many many more to come! ♥️


This gratuitous mirror selfie is brought to you by the infamous Grand America Hotel bathrooms on the evening of the Utah Democratic Party’s Legislative Gala where I was a grateful guest of the @ldsdems last Friday. I spent the entire day strategizing with women who are running for office this year, and some who were elected last year for the first time. For many women, running for office takes an enormous amount of courage, and for that reason I’m excited to spend time this year helping Utah women with intersectional platforms run successful campaigns. Because while I’m not a great candidate in this conservative state of mine, I do have some ninja-like staffing skills, and outreach tricks up my sleeves. I mean, when I wear sleeves... #pornshoulders




🌈🥑 Would you eat this rainbow sushi?


Seems Utah has a different idea of “The Resistance”.


Spent today shopping, shooting some new pictures, and eating two boxes of cookies from Trader Joes😂 what did you spend your day doing?? what’s your favorite thing to do in Utah?


Straight off the dome @teacha_krsone


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Kamala and her turtle are on a mission to see a film in every single #Sundance time slot available at the SLC venues! (35-38 films if you count Best of Fest/add-ons) #respect #festsaltlake #sweet16 #areyounuts #peopleofsundance #festivaljunkie



The Ultimate Highlight of Sundance 2018 for me: Having the honor of introducing our phenomenal film to 1,500 people at the Grand Theater. 😳 #SundanceFilmFestival #SorryToBotherYou #2ndAssistantDirector


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