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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve opened a bottle with? Cheers.


My beautiful wifey got married🥂🌸!


Out here on Salt Spring writing some new tunes with my dude @djneonsteve this week. Today we took a little break and did this thing they apparently call “Hiking”. It’s an odd activity where all you do is walk around in the dirt and look at things... Not sure if I’m sold yet 🤷🏼‍♂️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #hiking #bc #explorebc #wanderlust #nature #saltspringisland #auric


This may not be an insta-worthy moment or an insta-worthy photo (because I look stoned as), but it’s a moment with my heart as full as can be on a ferry with my loved ones. I can still find myself struggling with not posting a photo because it “doesn’t fit” or “isn’t perfect,” but I need to realize that photos with meaning are always better than the picture perfect moments, because life isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes it so beautiful—the perfect little imperfect moments.


Island time🏝


Tucked up somewhere in the woods, on a hill, and wake up feeling the cold in between our toes 🌲


There's a piano on the sidewalk in the only town on this island called Ganges, with a roof for when it rains that provides an open space where strangers can come together. maybe you see someone sitting under it alone and feel like joining them💖 Remember we don't have these booths everywhere - we don't walk around wearing signs - but many of us would like to experience each other😄 meet the people the universe flows in and out of your gravitational pull 🌼 #connection


me when i’m drinking my chai vs me when i realize it cost $7


Amidst an onslaught of undiagnosed medical concerns, a new practicum, a new job and anxiety on overdrive, we went to an island and slept in a tiny blue wagon and I smiled a good handful of times. I’ve been real sick and pretty scared for a long while now. This human has been showing up and holding so many things- my hand, my anxieties, and some hope while I can’t. I am grateful for this safety, this generosity, this kindness, this immense love. Thank you @monomonobrown


There are two deer in this photo. Really. You might think this is just a blurry photo of someone’s front yard but no, there are deer. Two of em. #mastersofdeersguise


My new boyfriend’s head is really heavy #sleepypuppy


My new boyfriend




Lunch w Hot Chocolate


This is how 8 year olds see me, or at least one of them.


Moon roof or sunset roof? 🤔




Well folks.... August the Airstream is livable. It has to be because it will be a full time home starting tomorrow. We still have a to-do list a mile long but we feel really accomplished with this build. #airstreamrenovation #weredone #airstream #tinyhouse #islandstyle #cabinporn #minimalism


A couple flower-crowned Octopodes. Our 'Glass Mom' (@salishseer ) calls this style of flowers 'idiot flowers' because they are easy to do for beginners. Like many things, they may be easy to manage for a beginner, but take a lifetime to master. Every time I make one of these the petals get closer, tighter, bigger, more perfect. Such tiny details, so much to learn, even after 10 years... These two are heading to Edmonton Expo tomorrow. Go meet them and Stanley at booth 216! #edmontonexpo #glassanimals #glassoctopus #glassofig #octopus #Octopode #glasssculpture #designertoy #arttoy #idiotflower


Beautiful view from the porch on Salt Spring Island. #islandviews #saltspring #gorgeous #trees #clouds #pacificocean