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Over 300 # with the moose hunters @jay_krist @lbceez and @party_cat_pat Pulled up behind the Salty Crew headquarters to get it weighed so we had to get them dressed for the occasion. #dressforsuccess


happy birthday @grayson_hodgkiss im SO BLESSED to have u - u real life angel💕


My friends made me post it 🤷‍♀️


I work 4 fucking hours in the freeways where there's drunk drivers nd other dangers #highway #distric11 #fw8


One big ass happy family! (Dan Conner might be the only man I would ever replace Greg with)


Baby back ribssss // BTS for @shopsaltculture


После парка мы поехали на пляж Children's pool,где живут морские котики😍😍🌊🌊а ещё белки,бакланы и куча чаек))Котиков очень много,но они все достаточно далеко от берега,но один из них нас порадовал)миу)🐚🕊 #usa #trip #sandiego #california #happy #bolkunyash


Happy to be home 🌴🌴🌴 If you haven't already, head on over to @coastalnatives_oceanbeach and check out their rad apparel. I love what they stand for and I'm blessed to be connected to them. Photo: @lindseemarie 🤙🏼


Last nights event 🐍 sooo i only got to walk once and i was really pissed off when i walked but i still walked better than half these hoes 🤗🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️👑👑🐍🐍🐍


Guess what y'all! I started my haunted video blog for #October! Currently hanging on the #StarOfIndia 👻 Video up soon, stay tuned! 🎃👻 #HauntedOctober #Ghosts #SanDiego #HauntedSanDiego @energy1037sd


This look + all my favorite jumpsuits of the moment on 😘 ALSO this @freepeople jumpsuit currently 40% off 😱 #freepeople #fpme


We're trying this new thing where Puppy isn't allowed in our room during the night, since he makes noise and wakes us up. #daytwo #momcavedin #needmycuddlebug #acatcalledpuppy


Look at me by this tree


I still got it 💁🏻// at least that's what I thought when I noticed a young cute 20 something waving at me at the stoplight. Turns out my cardigan was stuck in the car door & dragging on the street. 🙈But hey, yay for nice people! Happy bonus that he was cute 😉P.S. I mostly wrote "cute guy" twice to see if the hubby reads my posts. I'll let ya know. P.S.S. yes this is #Lularoe & you can snag your own Sarah here >>> @lularoesheenabodenhafer ✌️ #INeedMyOwnRealityShow #ElisabethsLulaLooks