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Too cute! 😍 Video by: @sandiegozoo


last night i wrote a blog post that scared the shit out of me. i shared something that was eating me up inside for a long, long time. it felt very right to open up to all of you in a different way after 8 years of blogging...& now I feel relief. one of the coolest things about social media how you can connect with friends from all over the world & share stories and experiences. I hope this post inspires any of you going through struggle to thrive in the face of a trauma. the full post is on the skinny confidential. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ALWAYS. ♥️


THANK YOU Spring '18, we are SOLD OUT! 🌴 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Change of plans or missed out on tickets? We are partnering with LYTE ticket exchange to safely purchase or sell your tickets. LYTE will be accessible this MONDAY 2/26 9:00 AM PST: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Please beware of 3rd party re-sellers as we cannot verify these tickets! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Stay tuned on our channels for chances to win your way to CRSSD! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #KeepEmCRSSD 🤞 #11days


just on our way to class here at USD !


Tag a friend that needs to wake you up with one of our breakfast sandwiches tomorrow morning 😇 📸: @grilledcheeseanimalstyle


enjoying San Diego sunsets 🥂🌞🛥


Love this guy. 💕 Stealing kisses before heading out and exploring San Diego today. ✨ Any San Diego recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We’ll be here all week 🙌🏼 #newdarlingsTRAVEL #pendrysandiego #sezane #paige #thehappynow #flashesofdelight


Your life starts when you begin being you. 100% you. When you think for yourself, when you speak for yourself, and do for yourself. People are influenced so easily by friends, family, social media, and the news, yet never get to truly become who they are meant to be. . . When you’re 100% yourself and whole is when you attract that back. I’ve always been a very open person and trust easily. This has for sure burned me in the past. I’m learning to be open yet aware of people and to trust my instinct. Listen to that inner voice and trust yourself, there isn’t anyone who knows you like you ☝🏼 #alsoitstacotuesday #thoughtiforgot #nope


Great opportunity to sit in on the panel for @billwalsh360 and @ipowerteam in San Diego. Out of several questions we were asked, there is one I thought was applicable to everyone whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. What’s one tip you have for someone who wants to build a successful business? Invest in building authentic and genuine relationships. Whether it’s a client or partner, make sure that people believe in you and your brand, if your name is on it, it has to mean something.


Here’s your Passport to style. #february #sale #beautiful #homes #custom #furniture


ᏞᎬᎢᏚ ᎢᎪKᎬ Ꭺ ᎢᎡᏆᏢ ᎠᎾᏔN ᎢᎾ ᏢᎾᎡ ᏙᏆᎠᎪ🌹☕️🖤 #cafecito #sandiego


Hot Happy Momma🔥First hair color service since having her precious baby and celebrating every moment of it💚🌴 Color by Dominica #aveda #avedacolor #avedasalon #hair #instahair #hairsalon #balayage #blonde #colormelt #brunette #highlights #pacificbeach #sandiego #longhair


I've started a journey, of being kind to myself, a little over 3 months ago . I had poured love and passion into other people and never poured into myself. I found myself clinging and fishing for a secure form of love and reciprocation from the people I wished would give back as much as I gave away, but it was a flawed plan from the start. I was in a situation where I felt alone and my happiness was based on other peoples favorable opinions of me. It took me so long to accept myself, to be ok with my flaws and to embrace my uniqueness. I reached a point where I no longer look in the mirror and immediately feel disgusted with myself or cry from feeling like I'm not beautiful. I reached a point where I am more self aware of my bad qualities and work towards overcoming them. I am learning how to accept myself and understand myself and give myself a chance at happiness. I am learning how to be kind to myself and I am happy with how I have grown and with the wayh I am growing. ________________________ #happy #happiness #lifequotes #growth #saykindness #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #copingskills #support #life #goals #art #type #poem #poetry #prose #abstract #colorful #beautiful #rainbow #magic #sandiego #california #gaslamp #losangeles #sanbernardino #poway #chulavista


“Bro”-ing out on Back today with @clintonerlmann 💪🏼💦



Will Jenny ever decide between the vintage or goth style? The world may never know. 🌈


Can’t nobody stop my shine✨can’t nobody hold me down 👊🏼oh no I gotta keep on moving 💋 #poolside #dee #straightchillin #caligrown #calimade #caliweed #sandiego #blowingclouds #420girls #ipa #stone #latina #guatemala #idontfuckwithyou #hi