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✨“Starbursting” ✨ Having fun playing with our New Micro Glitter “Starburst” and new Colorfix in “Romance” - Available now!✨✨✨ . Makeup: @Danessa_Myricks Photo: @Danessa_Myricks Model:@anishaxx3 😍 . Eye: New Colorfix in “Romance” New metals micro glitter in “Starburst” . New metals micro glitter in “Starburst” buffed into the skin as a highlighter and blown onto the face as a micro glitter. . Find it all at free shipping in the U.S. For all orders over $60 Stop by one of our retail partners: 🇺🇸 @abracadabranyc. 🇺🇸 @Alconeco 🇺🇸 @nigelbeautyemporium 🇺🇸 @frendsbeauty 🇺🇸 @camerareadycosmetics 🇺🇸 @norcostcopromua 🇺🇸 @norcostcoatlantacostume 🇺🇸 @themakeupShack 🇺🇸 @makeupevolutionstore 🇺🇸 @irisjhadeny 🇺🇸 @lillysmakeupbar 🇺🇸 @cosmomakeupacademy 🇲🇽 @nuestrosekreto 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 @gurumakeupemporium 🇵🇱 @visageshoppl 🇹🇹 @jeulynn 🇵🇦 @mirandamakeupart 🇦🇺 @scottys_makeup 🇦🇺 @beaudazzledbeauty .


it’s fRiYaY and say hellooooooo to my savory breakfast 😎 sprouted quinoa cooked in @belcampomeatco chicken bone broth on the bottom, topped with sautéed organic spinach, one @vitalfarms pasture-raised organic egg, @wholefoods wild caught alaskan smoked salmon, @lovebeets new beet salsa (yep, you heard me, beet salsa), and lots of sesame seasonings 🙌🏼 ps— lots of new things happening in my world (deets soon), and while it’s all exciting and i’m (finally) doing things that i love, i’m human too — i’ve been feeling a ton of ANXIETY — wanting to do too much in not enough time (sound familiar?!) we ALL go through periods where we manage and cope with things like stress better than others. besides exercise, the easiest way for me to cope with it is to TALK about it vs bottling it up inside. the healing and calm is in the RELEASE of the emotions! so there you have it 🙆🏻‍♀️ off to meet a friend for coffee in a bit —> hit up @barrysbootcamp —> pick up my parents from the airport bc they are visiting for the weekend!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! #kalejunkie


When I saw @andrewreynolds post of @jamie_foy at Hollywood High, I was hyped. It's incredible to see someone go off like that. I was also reminded of the Raw Footage that I have of @pduffplanb at SF State from the summer of 1991. I was able to edit down every make and attempt into a one minute clip so this is literally everything Pat tried and made in the order it's recorded onto the tape. Nothing short of breathtaking. Here's to these guys destroying the notion of what's possible. And yes! skateboarding! #rawfootagefriday#PatistheTerminator #thequestionablevideo @planbofficial 📹 Joel Wrona


Overly dramatic shot of the final piece of studio going in, now with 30% more camera shake 👌🎛 @chaseblissaudio


It’s been a very busy week in the studio as I work to some sort of finish line on a few paintings. This weekend I’ll be stretching a lot and resting my arms as I prepare to for a mural outside the city in Sausalito on Monday.


When the smoothie:topping ratio is 1:1 ONLY WAY TO LIVE FOLKS 🤘🏼 I figure if my smoothie looks like lawn trimmings then it balances out the rainbow sprinkles, right? Right. . Been into this spirulina from @sp2superfood lately - it’s fresh then flash frozen, so doesn’t have that fishy smell that a lot of powdered spirulinas can have. Topped with all my baes: @wild_friends, @stakichinc bee pollen, @pearlbutter 👑🌟


It's cooooooold outside today! But here, inside our home, it's so warm. Surprisingly so--like when Dad snuuuuuuggles up with Triscuit at night and ruuuuubs his nose against her nose but then he's like, "Nope. That's butt."


A brilliant time-lapse of night time in San Francisco, captured by @shainblumphotography


#tbt Rain showers today, hopefully more coming back soon to the Bay Area (hopefully). 📷: @vladstoked #letitrain #sf #sanfrancisco #regram


Sums up my weekend 🙌 But really urban hike to Ghirardelli Square and eat your heart out in dark chocolate. (Fun fact: the avg American eats ~12 lbs of chocolate / year!) #noms #chocolate #dessert #workforit #cali #messybun #breakfast #yogapants #mymoto #weekendvibes #goals #healthymeals #sorrynotsorry


Another ANOTHER IN STORE TASTING ALERT. I’m hosting my own 1 man Le Paulee event Friday March 2nd 4:30-7pm @biritesf #divisadero Come sip on some Burgundy. #bottlesnplates #lepaulee #splashndash


Let’s get things S T R A I G H T…Exceptionally smooth style with @systemprofessional_usa and @ghdhair #HairStyling #HairRitual #NewStylingLine #ghdHair #HairCare #SystemProfessional #myenergycode


Happy Friday Peoples: “Black Sabrina ( Original Blaaack Version)- Chelonis R Jones xxoo lovemesomeu




About a year ago today, I decided to stay. #sf #goldengate #reflections #salty