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GAMEDAY❗️ Tune in at 11:06am ET on to watch our first game v Brazil‼️ #rwc7s


A new baby’s life: measured in pounds and ounces both (v confusing), months and weeks, all of our sleep & the lack of it, tears- also everyone’s, farts, milk on everything, melodic grunts, smiles, laughs, whole oats/oatmeal/oat milk/oat cookies, spit up & lots of laundry. • A rebounding sense of humor. More love than I’ve ever felt. A sense of loss as well, as the rest of you adults do adulting things around me that I cannot do. Awestruck w this beautiful, funny, earnest little person whom my life is now wrapped around. The sense of my identity immediately changed & forever so- faster & more than I could’ve anticipated. Fear of the future. Hope for the future. Determination not to freak myself out by future tripping. • In writing this she started laughing at the ceiling fan, spit up and it landed in her ear, then turned to me and flashed the goofiest, clear eyed grin while cocking an eyebrow. ✨✨Here we are, at 3 mos in✨✨ Amazing photos by @simone_anne & @sarahderagon #studio_babe #3monthsold


Chances are, you probably don’t value what you’re good at and what you have to offer the world. . I had very little in the bank but needed a way to travel to a client, so I did hours of research online until I stumbled on a site called Founderscard. . They had a special deal with JetSmarter (a private jet company) to fly unlimited times for a total cost of $300 for three months. All flights were one way and only one person (me) could fly. It was so much cheaper than flying commercial. My point is: . You HAVE value. You have things people want. Don’t sit there watching hours of Netflix every day hoping that good things are going to happen to you eventually. Go out and find opportunities for yourself. . Confidence, passion, and hard work are more than just skills. They can get you nearly anything you could want. But don’t go getting material objects. Use your skills to do some good in the world. Make your life, and the lives of everyone around you, better. . Think I’m arrogant and completely wrong? Comment and tell me what you think. #entrepreneurial #successtips #mindset #knowyourworth #successmindset #funding #ceolife


If you're's how it works 👇🏼 . I've been a P.E. teacher for four years, he is in real estate....I love to sweat and he loves to travel. Never would I have cared to go to Norway or China or half the places we have without him, and NEVER would he have run a marathon without me (yep! He's a marathoner--ask him how he liked it 😉). . He's literally the only reason the #movesweatshred guide or #tightertogether ever came about because I am as tech savvy as your grandma 👵🏼. But the beauty of relationships (not limited to marriage), is we get to come together and do things that we couldn't do on our own . Who pushes you outside your comfort zone? What have you done that you never would have done without them? 🖤👇🏼 #makemecry #breakupthecalculations #macrosfordays . P.S. He LOVED the questions from last Sunday, you should ask him more 👇🏼 @_generalcuster_ , I’ll start— what’s better: peanut butter M&M’s or doing TT and winning the @jaybirdsport headphones you want? 🤷🏼‍♀️


Unless you’re living under a rock... you might know today is public access to the @Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 🕺🏼🙌🏼💃🏻 Stuff is going FAST! I’ve shared my picks + what I bought on (link in bio) at the top of the site under “NSale Picks!” This scarf for $22, tee for $18 and classic high waisted denim for $65 are def staple pieces at the top of my list.👌🏼✔️ The scarf comes in pink and cream and now I’m thinking I might need two?! Don’t tell Barnez... we have a serious storage issue, and I’m going to have to get creative over here. Send help! 😂😂😂 To shop (I sized down in tee and jeans), screenshot if you have the app, follow @kathleen_barnes in the LTK app or shop via “shop my Instagram” on! // #ltkunder50 #ltksalealert #nordstrom #nordstromanniversarysale #tgif #liketkit


Sparkling tone from a little can: more 5W Mini Stacks are coming


this city is art in itself // wanna go back:((


Всеееем всем ОГРОМНОЕ человеческое СПАСИБО, мои самые добрые, лучезарные и светлые девочки♥️ Прочла каждое поздравление и сижу реву😓 вы такие милые! Спасибо, Господи, что вы у меня такие здесь собрались🙏🏼💙 Аминь на все добрые пожелания🙏🏼😍 Хочется обнять каждую из вас🤗 Наверняка, у вас есть вопросы ко мне в период беременности 🤰🏻☺️ Под этим постом напишите, пожалуйста, их, а я постараюсь сделать посты и раскрыть интересующую вас тему поподробнее🤗😘


買咖啡的時候blue bottle店員一段話讓我瞬間愣住 他問我喜不喜歡我的工作,我說還行,就是工作,接著問那他喜歡他的工作嗎,他說 : I love my job! I get to travel around, make coffee for different people. I feel like I bring happiness to people, and that’s what makes me happy. 眼淚差點被他的熱忱逼出,整個下午都超級motivated,我也好想當帶快樂給別人的人哦 - Me in the car: I want to bring happiness to people too. Me at dinner: I want to bring happiness to people too. Me in the shower: I want to bring happiness to people too. Me putting makeups on: I want to bring happiness to people too. Me at the gate: I want to... (Capt: flying time from SFO to TPE would be 12.5 hrs.) Me: not today #厭世使人冷靜



My mother doesn’t like me as a blonde... I am turning purple😸


Loving my new haircut 💇🏻‍♂️ #fresh


i love pretty food


Chocolate factory tour and tasting at the most amazing Dandelion chocolate in San Francisco. I will never look at chocolate the same way☺️🍫❤️ #dandelion #dandelionchocolate #cocoa #chocolate #foodie #foodporn #san francisco



The flyer is back! @ed.templeton and I are having a show of our photography from the over last 15ish Years. The opening is tonight at @casemorekirkeby from 6-8pm and the show runs through September 1st. If you need more information look at the flyer. Also at the same time is @sfartbookfair! It’s all free and open to the public. The address will be geotagged.


Everybody's Talkin' - Nilsson