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I had a visa 🍾


Felt good to strap in and see everyone this weekend 🍻📸 @jeepeddy


Happy Monday! 😁 I took this shot tonight in Noe Valley looking east toward Bernal Heights, about 30 minutes after moonrise. Something about this reminded me of Christmas time and ‘Silent Night.’ 😂🎄 ____________


Сегодня исполнилась моя маленькая мечта - увидеть мост в Сан Франциско❤️ помню его ещё со времен сериала «Зачарованные», ведь именно Сан Франциско был вначале каждой серии🔥🔥🔥 ну, и ещё у меня папа мостостроитель, и мосты меня всегда восхищали😍 а что вас восхищает больше всего: природа, памятники, музеи, или панорамы? 😍


Insane Samsung Galaxy Concept😎 Yay or Nay?👇 - 👉 Follow @wolfcashmafia for more🔥


Hey, I love this goofy kid. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Maybe my way of expressing love isn't the same as his, or yours, but that doesn't mean that I love him any less. I love that he always wants to be near me. I hope he never outgrows that. I love the way that he can avoid absolutely any obstacle but always seems to "accidentally" bump into me--and then gives me a quick lick on the neck. He's a really good boy, and I always feel safer when he's nearby.


Bom dia 🌞🏠 Quem vê esse look fofinho nem imagina que a brusinha custou 3 dólares e a calça $16 😂😂 E também que eu passei o dia todo contando orgulhosa pra todo mundo quanto custava meu outfit kkkk Eua eu te ❤️ #youinrue


A rare glimpse at our local landmark on the feed. Found on our new introduction tag #mytinyatlashello from someone enjoying life SF. @sruthiramesh ..... My name is Sruthi and I'm a designer currently living in San Francisco - a city I've dreamed about living in my entire life. I captured this picture with a vintage Russian 44mm lens from the 1900s that I found on eBay for $40! This picture was taken right before sunset near Battery Godfrey. I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge many times over the last couple years, from Baker Beach to the Marin headlands, but seeing it head on, framed by the Presidio's iconic cypress trees was an angle I hadn't seen before. It's hard to ever get tired of this bridge and this city - I'll probably never get over San Francisco's abundance of beauty, both natural and manmade. #mytinyatlas (To be featured just use the new tag and we will reach out with questions!)


#FreeStyle#Baby #DadDaughter


okay, west coast. okay. 🌿💦




It’s a pretty day in The Bay. 😎


FINALLY! Twigs is available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube & more! If you haven’t listened yet because you’re like what the heck is bandcamp.. well now is your chance! You can even buy it and have it forever!