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1701 Airport Blvd San Jose, CA - Places nearby

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life was great until I realized that i spent all my money in two days.




Off to Santa Clara


Love theses two beauties!! 👩🏼👱🏼‍♀️❤️ There were lots of tears sending my baby off to her Cheer Comp in Dallas (with a terrible cold)... but I know she’ll have a wonderful and special time with her Nana. Tayler will be in charge of Nana not being scared on the plane ✈️ and all of the transportation since she’s the only one who knows how to use Uber! 🤣 Best Nana ever, so sad I cannot go! 😪❤️🙏🏼 #californiaallstars #bluettes #letsgoblue


One more business trip in 2017! ✌🏼 #GoNiners


Reunited! The four Kings are back together and Joss tackled me to the floor. ❤️ (Yes, go ahead and tell me how gross airport floors are, somehow our family ends up laying on them. 🙈)


I love a good hearty savory breakfast like this one. A #proteinbowl filled with chicken sausage, grilled asparagus, white rice, and a sunny side up 🍳 in top with a side of kimchi. 😋 #whatsinmybowl — I’m heading off to LA again today with @sajewellness and this time it’s to get a little girlfriend time in and soak up some blogger knowledge at @createcultivate. I attended the same conference 4 years ago with @mystyleandgrace and we both came home from that, decided to launch our blogs, and set foot on a life we never imagined living. — Lately, I’ve been really uninspired. Right now the 🌊 of life are really rough. I’ve only spent 13 days in my new home since moving in. My kids are adjusting ok to their new schools, but we’re experiencing some rough moments. And just last night I found out our dog Zoey might need to have surgery. I know these challenges are all a part of life and as much as I want to push them aside and barrel through and just be the #goodblogger and create, I‘m feeling a little drained by all these fun moments in life. But I’m riding with it, giving my world some grace and love because I’ve learned that riding against the waves only ends in disasters. This is just a phase in my current life and instead of dwelling on all the drama I’m focusing on the blessings while still acknowledging that there’s rough moments. Focusing on the positive keeps me afloat and from drowning in depression or anxiety. — I’m hoping to come away from #createcultivate inspired and reinvigorated. Focusing on my self-wealth this weekend, soaking up all the knowledge from the speakers and panelists, and making new friends. — Anyone else get into these creative ruts and if so what do you do? #bloggerproblems


I'm the creepy creature who creeps in the bushes #pullipromanticalice #pullipstagram #pullip #pullipdolls #pullipdoll #airport