San Jose International Airport (SJC) Photos on Instagram

1701 Airport Blvd San Jose, CA - Places nearby

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Dude is crazy! Collin is ready for Chicago. He’s also mad grateful for the dope pieces @10deep sent over for him to rock. 😳🔥 Code: 10deep (15% OFF) WWW.PRIVEI.COM


How to welcome your mom back home from Hawai’i... 😂 What wasn’t recorded was her telling me, “You’re crazy. So embarrassing. I don’t like it!” 🤣 #sorrynotsorry #imTHATdaughter 🤷🏽‍♀️


BUENOS DIAS..Austin Texas Bound... :))) Showtime tomorrow at a private party with uncle Steve OG voice of TIERRA!! Apparently the people who hired us spent over 300,000 for this party!!! Will post more later they set us at the beautiful JW Marriot hotel .. roof top pool ..near Lady Bird Lake .. I'm so excited it's my FIRST TINE ANYWHERE IN TEXAS!!:)))


Collab with @a.l.viz 🛸✨ you should next. | FLORIDA what’s good. I’ll be teaching @ @revolutions_dance_company @xtremedance2001 and @keegandancecompany this week! Dm me for details. Lemme choreo your next solo.😜 Music @dabowmusic @11theeleven @blocla


Here’s to so much good food, too many hours of Netflix, and amazing travels. #SanFranFrickYeah #blacklight #hittingonagoat


Some progress on this blue 69 Camaro getting a superchargered lsx 376 with a 6 speed Trans. Got the hydraboost installed, new brake lines done, all the air intake tubing done, front intercooler installed, fuel regulator done, headers in, battery and cables installed, did a remote coil with spark plug wires trimmed and installed, had to modified the crossmember to fit 😞, cooling system all done, computer and harness complete. Got all the wiring tucked for a super clean look. Taking a quick flight down to SoCal and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow afternoon and try to fire it up. #1969camaro #lsx #lsxswapped @procharger_official @chevroletperformance @holleyperformance @ron_davis_radiators @rickstanks #bayareafastestlsswap


First time flying by myself it’s finna be a breeze @atlanta @delta ✋🏾


Weeklong work trip. Good bye for now my Neked love. 👋🏼🛫


Saying goodbye to Cali.....took one last trip to @innout , did some shopping and exploring at the airport,Phillip used his own money to buy a new book! Next stop Dallas.


Gotta new one!


What’s going on here, #frontierairlines??! #goodtimes #lol