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Time goes by so fast 💫🕰


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Throwback to one of the highlights of the year 🌅 #santorini #lads #gyros #nofilter


Santorini ☀️


•When in doubt, wear red• 🔻


Eita que eu quero de novo 🤤


Small price to pay for an unforgettable experience 🥂 #iworkhardfortheseviews


Wishing for summer goals 🔥😎till that tomorrow night ✈️Amsterdam ❄️


Santorini, Greece © Photo By @cumacevikphoto . . Follow @limoopress


Santorini, Greece © Photo By @cumacevikphoto . . Follow @limoopress


Santorini, Greece © Photo By @cumacevikphoto . . Follow @limoopress


Kalispera Santorini!


Today's anniversary of the big earthquake of 7.5 Richter that hit Santorini on July 9, 1956 and scattered death and destruction across the island. . Newspaper article from the time of the quake . "TO VIMA" July 10, 1956: Scenes of horror and panic paraded in the tragic Santorini, just minutes after the first earthquake that was recorded at 5:12 am. Airplanes in the aviation continually overwhelming the island reported having seen huge precipitation and traces of terrible damage to the island's capital and villages, while the sea around it is still extremely torn from the tidal waves. Soon after, the vibrations had diluted and continued with noticeably reduced intensity until almost midday. The first information indicates that in Thera 40% of the buildings were completely destroyed and the rest became uninhabited. On the other hand, the number of the dead had reached the forty. In the village of Pyrgos, out of 200 houses collapsed and there is a dead and many injured. In the village of Episkopi all the houses became uninhabited. The town of Oia against Thera was completely destroyed. The unprecedented seismic activity caused the formation of an unprecedented tidal wave height of one to six meters, which centered on Thira, spread in all directions. As a result of this wave, in the port of Kalymnos all the small boats were sunk and the coastal houses flooded under water. In Syros, the sea covered the coastal road In Leros the waters entered deep within the land and overturned ten boats. In Rethymno and Heraklion Crete, flooded the waterfront. ———— Check my accounts ⤵️ Follow @ALLURING_GREECE and @ALLURING_ISLANDS #wu_Greece18 #super_greece #travel_greece #igers_greece #loves_mediterraneo #adoregreece #Great_Captures_Greece #greecetravelgr1_ #roundphot0 #loves_greece_ #greecelover_gr #tv_greece #world_great #picturetokeep_hdr #world_besttravel #team_greece #discover_europe_ #ae_greece #exquisite_greece #kings_villages #gf_greece #balkan_hdr #discover_greece_ #ig_europa #expression_greece #kings_greece #transfer_visions #ig_mediterraneo #topsantoriniphoto


Miss you @tessscarey and this beautiful place ✨🌅


We were made to explore Congrats to @ @odeddavidtravel for this sick travel 📸


Stunning white village in Santorini! Tag your travel buddies! Video credits to: @king_roberto