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proud gf moment


Your clothes look better on the bedroom floor...😉😍🔥


Can’t compete when you don’t compare💁‍♀️


#transformationtuesday • One of my favourite things about our builds are the custom curtains 😍 • What’s your favourite thing in this picture?


Thank you @danceinnovationsyorkton for having me this weekend! Had a time and a half choreographing this powerhouse small group along with the hip-hop workshops with @zachkostersky big S/O to my abetter @ishelbywilk who’s a rockstar! Kill it at comp!


I don’t normally post these kind of pictures. I’m a pretty conservative person. Giant sweaters, baggy clothes, no makeup, hair in a bun is my look lmao 🤪 But there was something about this picture that made me feel strong and feminine, confident not conceded, sexy but not trashy, and ultimately proud. Proud of the work I’ve put in my entire life to become the person I am today both inside and out. It’s shots like these that continue to light my fire to keep striving to live my overall best life, and not give a fuck about other people’s opinions along the way♥️ . So I said fuck it! Share it🙃 . . . 📸 @glenegrant . 💄 @sabrina_frederick .


hey guys, the algorithm has been kinda kicking our butt lately - if you see this give it a like or comment, it’ll help us out big time and we appreciate all your support. you are da best. also, we have scrunchies. made in house. :)


...and suddenly you became my everything!🧡👶🏼 It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you realize you are carrying an entire world inside of you, giving it life.🌎 It’s no longer just me. I am lending my body to someone I haven’t met, yet am already head over heels for. I will welcome the softness, the changes, the bump, and whatever else is headed my way.💕 Creation is a powerful thing, and I’m so lucky and grateful that I get to experience this.🐻 #MOMMABEAR


I don’t know what’s tighter: our jeans or our friendship.


Just another day at the office! Residential painting professionals. #customeverything #interiorpainting


Fishing hole


Yes say to right now. Say yes to what will allow you to grow. You cannot do it in the future. There is only now. “Do it now or not at all” -ET Everything is this moment. Take this moment to make a change. Make a commitment to yourself. By joining the IE Academy you are beginning your journey of growth. The IE Academy is for: •people who want to develop a personal practice • those interested in yoga & spirituality • individuals who are looking for support & accountability • those seeking conscious community connection -> the IE Academy is only $1.50 a day. That’s it! Join today in bio ✨


New screen in process! #shadowpuppets #overheadprojector thanks to #productionlighting


Love lives here 💕 @creationsmamabear @countrychicpaint


Oh Boy Giddy Up!! Once a Farm Boy always a Farm Boy?? City Boy 100% but will be a Farm Boy at heart forever!! #GiddyUp #MrHoliday #WorkHardPlayHard Post #16 of 2019


Today's soup is butternut squash finished with caramelized onions & maple bacon. #shaunavon


Fascinating Scolicia trace fossil! Bilaterally symmetrical, meandering trails, ridgelike or ribbon like, about 1-5 cm wide #usask #paleo #tracefossil #ichnology #biology #geology


Morning views from my closet never disappoint. Step one for making today awesome - seeking gratitude and beauty.


Just a few of my favourite things... Anyone who knows me knows that music is extremely important in my life! As a drummer, I've been blessed to be able to play all kinds of music with all kinds of amazing artists. And I think that music is a form of language that speaks to a part of us that words cannot. It's also a conversation with other people as to their experiences and feelings. Music truly is a gift from God. #saskatoon #music #vinyl #dmb #coffee #books #reading #education #language #chill #drumming #drummer #blessed


Prosciutto wrapped mozza balls on special all day!!! #yummyfood


All SAXX and HANKY PANKY low rise are 30% off this week only!