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CHEST ASSAULT @saxon_gym with the ever so pretty @micquelwright (haha) OK so it's nearly here! The GROWING SESSION is upon us. For today's session it was all about heavy weight, short sets, multiple exercises and focused movements. The session was intense! Not to long....But just perfect for GROWTH! Inclined Barbell Press (12, 10, 10) Inclined Dumbell Press (10,8,6) Pec Dec (12,12,12) Flat Dumbell Press (12, 10, 8) Resting 60 seconds between sets and using forced reps to hit the range on last 2 sets of each exercise. Working the negatives on a few reps to really work the muscles. Inclined machine press Dumbell Flys Decline Bench press For the above I hit 6 reps for each exercise, rested 20 seconds and moved on after just 1 set, I did 2 rounds of these. IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING YOUR WEAKNESSES POINTS No matter what your aspirations are in fitness it's important that you fully understand your goals and your body. Knowing what to focus more time on to bring up weak points and balance out your physique. @pca_official @5percentnutrition #5percentnutrition #saxon #gymlife


Workout Wednesday, when your relaxed but really flexing as hard as possible 👀💪 @chrisbeckxo @saxon_gym