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Simms Top 5 WRs through Week 6 of this season. We welcome all of your comments, both positive and negative 😂


Back with those Scottish classics. #scotland


Glasgow that was absolutely daft 🤯🚀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Enjoying Scotland’s finest! . This is the most magnificent of settings to enjoy some of the finest of Scotland. @glenmorangie is one of Scotland’s finest whisky’s. Enjoyed all the more from Scotland’s most prestigious hotel @thebalmoral whilst drinking in the most magnificent of views of Edinburgh Castle . @glenmorangie @grainsurfboards #beyondthecask, #drinkresponsibly #ad #scotland #whisky #balmoralmoments #edinburgh #edinburghcastle #visitscotland Photo @toddjcameron


Dog and Pony show? Rein it in horsey! No more horsing around! 54weekoldpup ⚡️🐾 • Do you think we look alike? 🤔 • "You got a saddle for that thing?" 🐎 Maybe the following will provide some clarity🤓 • 🐴If it grazes the grasslands, it's a horse 🐶If it grazes the kitchen counter, it's a Great Dane 🐴If it leans on a fence, it's a horse 🐶If it leans on you, it's a Great Dane 🐴If it drinks water from a trough, it's a horse 🐶If it drinks water from a sink, it's a Great Dane 🐴If it eats grass, it's a horse 🐶If it eats grass and then throws up on your carpet, it's a Great Dane 🐴If it swats flies with it's tail, it's a horse 🐶If it swats hoomans with it's tail, it's a Great Dane 🐴If your vet drives an old pickup truck, it's a horse 🐶If your vet drives a new Mercedes, it's a Great Dane(right @sandiegodvm 😄) 🐴If it's the head of it's herd, it's a horse 🐶If it's the head of your house, it's a Great Dane 🏡💕 -Unknown • 📷PC: @misterbo619 • Thanks for HORSing around with me! Happy THORsday! • New THORsday trivia is available on My Story! Test your knowledge and have some fun 📝❣️ • #DogAndPonyShow #HammerTime #THORsday #ThorVonSchultz


Paying for it now🤧


Last 3 games at CMU: W W W


prayers, october 2018. 🙏 sorry for falling off the map so often, i'm here and still (quietly) taking photos and working on some other sick material... updates soon, much love, hope you are all having a beautiful october. xo


Been feeling uninspired and unmotivated to post and take any new photos, so here’s an old one 🤷🏻‍♀️ on the plus side, I’ve been devouring The Wild Seasons series by @christinalauren because somehow I hadn’t read them yet?? Quickly rectified and can confirm they are amazing 🙌🏻 what are you reading this week? . . #bookstagram #ootd #outfitoftheday #bed #bedroom #bedroomdecor #homedecor #mug #theeverygirl


Oh ermm, by the way, passed my fitness instructor assessment, just one step closer to the PT goal, so too fucming right I'm flexing on em 😂 but hey - if you want to make excuses go for it, but I didn't, now I am doing something with a passion I haven't felt in my life before, I love helping people, anyway keeping this short and sweet because I did this for me, not for likes or a well done, I do it because I have enough faith in you - the person reading this, enough to share some beardy love and support for all you people out there struggling to find the money or the friends or even just the life you believe in, because I am doing it and doing it fucking well on my own with the support of a circle that you really should be jealous of 😂 I'm kidding! No really... 😂 You have the power to change so ask yourself "why haven't I flipped my mindset yet?!" The answer is easy, but you have to figure it out on your own 😉 Here's that beardy love 🐻❤️ And don't dare quit, it isn't over UNTIL YOU WIN 💪 check out the amazing team I am lucky to be a part of @team_f.y.m Stay safe, stay strong, get shit done. #happy #fitfam #fitness #flipthemindset #flipyermindset #instagood #beard #picoftheday #motivation #neverquit #mindset #glasgow



It’s a day for velvet! Keeping a soft approach by teaming this velvet jacket with a silk tie in an Onassis knot. What do you think? #ootd featuring @paulsmithdesign #bespoke Westbourne house velvet jacket @johnpearsetailor shirt @huntsmansavilerow tie @crombie1805 pocket handkerchief ... #mensstyle #mensfashion #menswear #menwithstyle #mensfashionpost #mensfashiondaily #dailyinspiration #influencer #whatimwearing #dapper #dandy #bohochic #sharp #suave #elegant #gentlemen #gentlemenstyle #sprezzatura #madeinengland #savilerow #paulsmithwestbournehouse #tailor #tailored #bespoketailoring