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Maeve and Grace got a real smile out of me today but then I dropped Maeve’s phone in a pool and now this is my face. #maeveimsorryaboutyourphone


Last night Mr. Gundersen joined me and Matthew to sing one of our new @gloriettamusic tunes. It was boss • 📷 @chance_theactor


Your best days are ahead of you. I don't care what you weigh, how you dress, or what excuses you might have. The best is yet to come, but you do need to be open to it and put in the work. Sure, I went through a massive transformation, but the truth is, no amount of weight loss or brand name clothes will bring you happiness unless you have real joy and fulfillment on the inside. And when you do, share that transformation. You never know who you can inspire.


“Soaring Through the Sky” (36x36 acrylic on gallery canvas) Here is the finished piece inspired by @chrisburkard photo! This one will be displayed at the Seattle Emerging Arts Fair hosted by @seattleartpost July 28th if you’d like to see it in person and meet me & some other great artists 😁 Can you spot something in the sky??




His cute little curly mullet, leg squats and determination to throw rocks in the water like Daddy make my heart melt and why the challenges of parenthood are nothing compared to these simple moments shared together as a family. He’s growing just wayyy too quick and before we know it he will be two! ☺️😫 How can it be!?


I found a pair as nice as mine😘👄🏀🏀what do you think? 😍😍😍have you seen better ? #boobs #tits #inkedgirl #brandddistar #implants #faketits #boobsfordays #followme


let me tell y’all, LEGAL TASTES GOOD 📅🥂🍾




New song in my bio


Back to civilization, or whatever you want to call Seattle #burn #jk


For me, what initially made Zen… Yoga… Twelve Step recovery… meditative practices so difficult… scary… hard… inconsistent is the lack of escape routes from myself. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I distinctly recall the moment of accidententy embodying my body... Sitting… breathing… looking deeply into myself… choices and behaviors… the causes and conditions of my suffering... and realizing at least 50% of my problems were self-created and not other created. That meant that I could become at least 50% happier… friendlier towards myself if I was willing to make different choices. And then there was a moment of terror that followed when I realized that maybe I didn’t want to make “Healthier,” choices cause I was afraid of what might happen to so-called “Me.” The thought of showing up healthy was actually repulsive to me… my Zen teacher back then asked me… to which me… implying my “True” self or “Ego/addiction,” that was the co-conspirator of suffering. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ It was the support of genuine friends in my sangha and Twelve Step programs… holding the container of the Buddhist path… The Twelve Steps... people who I had confidence in and trusted… people who believed and thought well of me… that helped and encouraged me to take the running shoes off, stick, stay and turn into the self-limiting thoughts, narratives and stories that where getting me to runaway from my own happiness, so that I could be authentically free, instead of being perpetually restless, irritable and discontented. That’s one of the reasons I can say authentic happiness is a team sport. We need a regular practice and each other, because it’s so difficult for a distorted sense of self to get out of it’s own way. Just imagine a diabetic who only took their insulin once or twice a month. What would they be like? Without the consistency we stay perpetually unhealthy and unfriendly to our self and others. ⠀ ⠀ 一We All Share the Same Sky ⠀ ⠀ #Zen #Buddhism #Yoga #Mindfulness #Meditation #Kindness #Compassion #KeepingItReal #Autenticity #Integrity #Friendship #Sangha #Addiction #Recovery #GreatJoy


I must say I miss Seattle.. #cabaworldseries2016



Our spirit guides are all around us. Sending us care packages of ideas. Open up your heart to their gifts. . . .❤️. . . (This piece came into existence because I had painted a tiny pink painting that I didn’t like. Even though pink is my favorite color, the painting was unsuccessful. So, I cut up the painting where I saw a wing, a head and seed-like/fruit-like shapes and I arranged the shapes into this delightful collage that makes me smile. Of course it helps that I glued the shapes onto a happy yellow background: my second favorite color. This piece was a good reminder: when a painting doesn’t work out, cut it up and turn it into collage fodder.)


📸: @dr_ansong . You wouldn’t have beli❤️eved me if I had told you these were PFM crowns. “People see what they want to see, and what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth.” -Roberto Bolaño. Choosing the right lab is key to our successes as dentists. When the clinical situation called for it @hiro_tokutomi showed up and showed out. Find the right lab that works for you 🙏🏼. #prosthodontics #prosthetics #pfm #estheticdentistry #esteticadental #dentalschool #crowns #dentalphotography #dentalimplants #dentallab #dentalhealth #dentalart #dentalworld #dentalstudents #pink #periodontics_world #veneers_smile #oralsurgery #dentalcases #aboutdentistry #bestofprosth #surgicalprosthodontics #surgicalprosthodontist #periodontology_team #dentista #vidadedentista #smiles #carillasdentales #odontologiaestetica #dentistlifestyles