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I’ve made a new vow to myself: Only buy clothes and accessories from my own store for the next 3 months. I don’t know why I don’t buy clothes from my own store more often, maybe it’s because I stare at them all day for my work, so I just see work, haha. I see how much work goes into budgeting, buying, receiving, checking it in, listing it on our site, merchandising it and so much more that is done behind the scenes by me and my incredible team. (Extra special shout out to @kalexdon who works SO hard behind the scenes.) So I’m flipping the narrative on myself, my work is FUN. Our collective work is meaningful! And the clothes we stock are fun! So I should be repping all that work we put in to making our store thrive by wearing the ding dang clothes myself. Duh! I just bough this jumpsuit, the Lauryn Jumpsuit $70, which @kalexdon totally named after our teammate @nearlyperfectpottery. I typically wear a size 8, and I went with the size Medium. I wear a 32H bra, YES FOR REAL, and my boobs fit a medium so I’m feeling pretty excited. There isn’t a lot of stretch in the material so I was tempted to get the large, but I like the overall fit of the medium on me. We have 2 size smalls, 1 size medium, and 4 size larges left in stock. And you can shop it now on and in store! PS... DO YOU SPOT THAT AMAZING @nooworks PINK PATTERNED JUMPSUIT IN THE BACKGROUND???? It just went up online on and in store, available in sizes XS-3XL. It’s $176 because it’s ethically and sustainably made by hand in LA, the pattern is designed by an artist and paid fairly, and @nooworks is a small woman owned business who works hard to juggle motherhood and biz. If you’d like to come by our store tomorrow and be a fit model for your size, I’d love to shoot photos of ya so we can show our customers of all sizes how they fit! Jumpsuits Jumpsuits Jumpsuits. Yeeees!!!


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