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Good times on Broken Arrow. Gotta keep it slow and steady down Devils Staircase when it’s wet.


Sedona cave views


I proposed to @sorelleamore recently that it’d be a good idea that we buy some smoke grenades when we were in the land of freedom and fries for artistic purposes. The art was a thin veil for the fact I just needed to take care of the pyromaniac inside me who loved to burn stuff as a kid. What better than burning stuff that’s colourful? ⠀ Smoke grenades are fun. Although I’d used them years ago to mark landing zones for helicopters when I was in the military, I’d never tried to be a gaseous Picasso, using smoke to paint a shitty masterpiece in the air, like something a dragon would breathe from his snout after tripping a little too hard on LSD. The result instead was less art, and more me looking like I’d been sucked into the fart of Barney The Dinosaur, struggling for air and with eyes burning. ⠀ Sorelle’s smoke grenade photos turned out better. Keep an eye out for hers at some point. Maybe.


Colour smoke grenades are illegal in Australia. So when two Aussies go to the USA, naturally they play with these fun props. ⠀ Please note: shortage of air during shoot, coughing, smoke and tear filled red eyes not displayed here but certainly come along FREE with this photo shoot. Welcoooome. ⠀ Which photo is your favorite? ⠀ All cred for this concept goes to boyfriendo @leonthealchemist.


We did it!! 6 miles with josh on our back. Got caught in a big storm and we were soaking wet but josh LOVED it!! Thank you @ospreypacks for making such a COMFORTABLE & STRONG pack! ** CHECK OUT MY STORY FOR HIKING VIDEOS! # #belikejosh #goldendoodlesofinstagram #getout #getoutdoors #sedona #arizona #hiking #goldendoodle #igdaily #instagood #dogs #rescuedog #specialneeds #instagramdogs @rescue_life_apparel_


Cave views from Sedona 🌵☀️ . Thanks to @braune for the tag! . . #caves #hike #sedona #views #naturephotography #nature #arizona #azfamily #arizonasfamily #3tv


Hello. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. In this photo I’m going to look far into the distance and ponder the meaning of life. After much pondering I’ve realized that what I think I know is maybe only 1% of 1% of what is really ‘out there”. Most likely it’s much less. Upon further pondering I don’t think there is anything ‘out there,’ rather I think everything is a reflection of what I believe to be true. In a way as I look ‘out there’ I am seeing more of my own consciousness. Separation is a dream, a consistent dream that may seem real, but isn’t. Sort of like a role we have collectedly agreed to play. I’ll play some guy on YouTube who makes videos, you can play your role and we can pretend we are all separate, special snowflakes. At the deepest level though we are all connected, and the purpose of life is to wake up from the dream of separation. I know. That got deep...Like I said though, I’m just pondering🤔


sweeter than honey. 🐻🍯❤️


I truly think getting ready photos are some of the most important of the day. I get to know all of the bridal party, we have a little fun, and the special moments that happen with your friends as you prepare to marry the love of your life are captured!!! 😍💕 #InItToWinnett2018


It’s moments like these. Me & my girl 💕✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #husky #huskypuppy #huskyofinstagram #sedona #arizona #dogsofinstagram #dogmom #love #bestfriendgoals #spiritanimal #shaman #healing #spiritual #goddess


😁 . . #여행 #미국 #세도나 #아리조나 #셀카 #자연조명


기를 주소서🤗 . . #여행 #미국 #세도나 #벨락 #성공의기운


after all that time in italy, i can definitively say i have developed a severe addiction to cappuccinos ☕️


On December 31, 2014 it was abnormally heavy snow here in Sedona. We were in a house of 12 people. The rental van could not get up the steep driveway. I looked around the kitchen and calculated the amount of food we had for 2-3 days of snow-in for 12 people. We weren’t going to starve, but we weren’t going to be comfortable either. I walked 3 miles into town with plastic bags on my feet to go grocery shopping. It was an invented struggle in a very lucky life where I almost always get to select my level of comfort. I filled my backpack and one bag for each hand, optimizing for caloric density, some flavor, and some celebratory flair for New Year’s Eve. One bottle of champagne. I remember encountering this ATV rental place on the way home. They were one of the only places open other than the grocery store. I was mostly trying to avoid the discomfort of wet feet, burning forearms, and some danger of walking in the slippery roads after dark. (And maybe do some donuts). I asked them if I could do a 24hr take home rental. Not allowed. I eventually made it back right at dusk. @davidchoe made us spicy spaghetti, I fell asleep at 10pm, and no one ever drank the champagne. I’m passing through Sedona 4 years later, learning more and more how fortunate it is to be able to not only choose my distance from discomfort but to select the types of discomfort I want to engage with. This is particularly clear today after spending the last 11 days at @arcosantiarizona for a festival and workshop focused on healing ourselves, each other, our relationships, our communities, and the earth. ❤️📈


Sedona with #bowdoinalumni 42 years of friendship with Bowdoin roomies, and now our rental backyard, red rocks, hikes, a rare 🦅sighting, and a sunset with 1000 of our closest friends 😜


“Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”


旅行に行くときは必ずこいつを持っていきます。シュアファイアのG2X LE。 LEはLaw Enforcementの訳らしく、要は悪い奴の目潰しにも使えるライト。 めちゃめちゃ明るく200メートル位は照らせて真っ暗なところで大活躍っす‼️‼️ #surefire #LED #LawEnforcement #LE #g2xle #懐中電灯 #暗闇 #600ルーメン #目潰し


DNA Activation and excelleration time! 💫⚡️🔥🌈🎊🎊🕊❤️🌟😇😇💗🗝🌄🌄🔥🗝🔥 #loveit #beallyoucanbe #heavenonearth #sedonabeauty #creativeexpression #unionapp #artist #shaman #innerstrength