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7047 Old Hwy 2 # 2 - Places nearby

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Camping... who said you have to rough it #cheflife #raceweekend #shannonville #bikelife #racelife


Time to return the trophies that I got to keep for the year. #racesuperseries #superbike #trophy #royaldistributing


As the V3 group buy comes to a close, we will be looking to launch the NA 5 Panel Hood Vents. Any interest for a group buy? We are thinking about launching a group buy for both NA and NB versions in the 3 Panel or 5 Panel configuration. Owners: @unplugged92 @brandonwoods19


it wasn't long before vtec cracked and the stang was only visible through my rear view mirror.. r.i.p any motherfucker who tries to fuck with the civ.


Tb to a great weekend of filming. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces in a couple weeks at #topdrift


Recap of tuesday at Shannonville. Its been 3 days since the collision. Still in bed, wanting to move my right arm so bad. The whole thing happened in an instant. One moment I was full throttle on the last lap before it was time to head home. Next moment, I'm flying off my bike at 150km/h. I only managed to think of two words before I came crashing onto the pavement: "oh, no". Once I regained my senses, I look over to see my bike upside down, back wheel still spinning. I'm like "Fuck me, I just bought that thing!". The rider that hit me walking away (loser in the last pic). A bystander yelled across the track "stay down!!". Oddly, I felt okay. My head wasn't hurting, I was breathing fine, I moved my legs without struggling. I tried to help myself up and that's when I knew I was not okay. I broke my collarbone. It hurt like hell. There was no questioning it. @angelynamua you must have been freaking out. Funny thing, the day before we went, her and I agreed that neither of us have ever broken any bones in our whole lives. This was my first time. When the medics sat me down I was hyperventilating so much that I nearly blacked out. I especially want to thank @mojerio and @yeung.visual for staying with me until 5AM, hours away from home to make sure I was good. Even though that hospital made us wait bare, yall stuck around. Thank you guys. Another thing about @mojerio .... this guy's a madman. Without a doubt the most fearless, technical motherfucker I've seen on two wheels. I could barely keep up with him. Thanks for opening up a new dimension of riding for me. The first track day, and certainly not the last. So essentially, I posted this because I'm thankful that this is just another memory and not my last memory. I thank God I only came out with a broken collarbone and not anything worse. I owe it to proper riding gear as well for keeping my ass in one piece. Still sucks to learn everything lefthanded for the next 6 weeks like using chopsticks and wiping my butt lmao. But a big shoutout to everyone that wished me well during my recovery. Can't wait 'til things are back to normal. Be back soon! 📸: @yeung.visual


#mypirelliweekend starts Thursday night Friday practice and a double header Saturday and Sunday #racesuperseries thanks for the accommodations @___ivan22___ #cvap on the BBQ croatia 🇭🇷 next time we just roast a pig 🐷


It may be the first day of #fall 🍂 but these hot days are screaming #summer ☀️ #poolsstillopen #quintessencefarm #vrbo #homeaway


Throwback to RND 2. Can't wait for D1SP RND 3 with the gang // #tbt #d1sp #antimissilecoalition #s15silvia #r32 #240sx #silvia #is300 #rb20det #sr20det #skidpad #drifting


"What do you feel like doing on your birthday?" #goingfast #hellya #kawasakizx10r @snow_city_cycle_marine @lucasoilcanada @kawasaki @pro6cycle #dunlop


Only 4 days until the last round for shannonville's #racesuperseries come check out local racers, up and comers and overall fast guys battle it out for bragging rights! Good luck to all those competing! @lu_56 #racer #becauseracebike #racelife #tracklife #trackrider #hookit @hookit @motulusa @spyoptic @shoraipower #bikelife


Less than a week. Look at this line. That's bone.


At Shannonville Speedway today for a full day of on-track action, with Brack Driving Concepts, Racer Development program. Gonna be a blast!...footage to follow =D #bmw #e36 #328i #shannonville #speedway