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Viajar é tão especial né gente? Conhecer uma outra cultura, novas formas de comportamento, sair da zona de conforto e da rotina.. Essas experiências fazem nossa consciência expandir e é pra isso que nós viemos! 💙 Qual país que vocês mais tem vontade de conhecer? Deixem aqui nos comentários!



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When I was in London an image by @azeemsaniofficial came up on my facebook timeline and it made my jaw drop at how gorgeous the Pakistani female model was. A few years later I was sitting on a flight and during takeoff the girl next to me suddenly grabbed my wrist, eyes tightly shut she started praying! I figured out she had a phobia of flying so I just held her hand to till we were in the sky and the plane was stable. I realised she was the same girl in that photograph I had seen! We talked non stop about life and then parted ways when we landed. A year later during a fashion week in Karachi we bonded and since then I can't imagine life without her "bonginess". I guess, some things are destined and those things are "forever". There are some people that you can trust to always be there for you. GITI ARA after all these years I have found someone that I can call my FOREVER! May Allah bless our friendship. I love you my soul sister and I always will. @imgitiara#Friendship #BFF #SoulSister


Jummah mubarak everyone ❤️




Amei mto essas fotos ❣️👳🏼‍♀️👳🏼‍♂️


Arabian Nights💜🔮💜🔮 Por mucho uno de los lugares más bonitos que he visto en mi vida! .....


“I’ve been there and I know their culture”


Arabic culture appreciation



Dressed in all white 🕌 - You know them moments in life when you are simply lost for words? This was one of them. Absolutely stunning. Post by @jayrahman_


вы - лучшие 💃🏽 #thehangoverindubai #girlspower #girlsparty #sheikhzayedmosque #abudhabi




miss the heat 🌞