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God has been working in my life. I've been spending this month trying to discover the young adult I want to be. It has been a very uneventful, eventful two weeks. I've recently made the decision to get into counseling. I've started writing a lot more, I've started reading many many books! And the one question I have been asking myself constantly is ”What is the purpose that God has for me?” and I sit and I think and I write. Then one day I tell my mentor my wise, super awesome mentor my constant thought and she tells me Luke 16:10 ”if you are faithful in the smaller thing you will be faithful in the much bigger things.” and I needed to hear that! I use to think the little things don't matter if I'm not doing something big for God then it doesn't matter but it does!!! The little things are what matter the most. How will I change the life of others if I don't take the time to bask in the joy of all the little task that I have how will know how to even handle the bigger things!! oh how that has changed my thought process! I'm so grateful! #godlovesme #godlovesyou #luke16v10 #thoughts


These pictures are literally in order of me and nash feeding the ducks and his reaction to it 😂💙 #fridayfun


Beckett turned 7 months old! (Maybe it was 3 days ago, but better late than never, yeah?)




Pond upgraded to Lake


In honor of birthday week, here’s a handful of photos. There’s a bunch of cuteness and an equal amount of “not havin its” 🎉 (If you know me then you know that there was 0 preparation for this... so I’m sure the 83 people at Shy Pond enjoyed the show😝) #restingbabyface #memswithrems #andimspent


It's been awhile since Han and I have done a bible study together. It felt amazing to read and learn Gods word and how to apply it more to our lives! 💗✝️ 3/13/17 @hannahemilycox


Beautiful day at the park 🌤


Getting to the birds is cool but spending a weekend with the ducks is cooler🤘🏽 Last committee hunt was one for the books #ducksunlimited


1 going on 15 😳 modeling on slides and French kissing girls at the park. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


Azaliah Haven Ventura 🌺


I hope as they grow older their bond gets even stronger. • 👦🏻 Zaden was born to be a big brother. 🛸He’s such a rule follower and a deeply genuine kid. Hazel is the classic middle kid. The reason rules are invented! 👧🏼My little fireball of 🌈rainbows & dinosaurs and everything happy. 🦖 Audrey💕 will FOR-EV-UR be the 👧🏼baby and boy, does she know it. She’s a daily doozy and probably already smarter than me🎀.




Haven’t been active in a while! But here are some portraits of my Sister’s mission pictures.